[COTD] [Zero Set 12] Wolf Fang Liberator, Garmore

Dogman has returned with a new ability to protect, akin to his Royal Paladin form from days of old.

Wolf Fang Liberator, Garmore
Grade 3 / RRR / Gold Paladin – Human
Power 11000
<VC>[Limit Break 4] [Counter Blast 2] to call the top card of your deck to an open RC. This effect is repeated until you have no open RC.
<VC> When placed, this unit gets the following ability until end of next turn.
“<VC> Your “Liberator” rear-guards cannot be retired by your opponent’s card effects, or lose Intercept.”
<VC> When this unit attacks, [put a “Liberator” rear-guard on the bottom of your deck] to get [Power]+5000 until end of battle.

Garmore’s Limit Break can deploy large numbers without using your hand.
In addition, you can protect your own rear guard with a skill when it appears, so it is a strong unit against retiring clans!
Furthermore, if you return a grade 3 rear guard when he attacks, you can increase your power while returning the trigger to the deck!

Barcgal Liberator
Grade 1 / RR / Gold Paladin – High Beast
Power 7000
<RC> When the attack by “Blaster Blade Liberator” this unit boosted hits a vanguard, look at 3 cards from the top of your deck, and call a “Liberator” as rest.

If you boost “Blaster Blade Liberator”, you can see 3 cards and call 1 card at no cost.
You can call “Fast Chase Liberator, Josephus” and draw one, or increase the power of “May Rain Liberator, Bruno”.
You can draw “Blaster Blade Liberator” with “Wingal Liberator” and “Solitary Liberator, Gancelot”, so it’s easy!

Kyrus Darkblade

Ponders on how to make Link Joker great again

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