Previews from Clan Collections: Oracle Think Tank & Dark Irregulars

Revival of Witches… and finally the return of the lord of the wicked!

Oracle Think Tank

Citrine Witch, MuMu
Grade 1
You can draw when she’s Rode by a “Witch” Unit! Also, by Resting her, add a “Witch” from the top of the Deck to the hand!

Jade Witch, TeTe
Grade 2
If your Vanguard is a “Witch”, you can Call her when discarded from the hand! She’s perfect to use when used as a Sentinel! She can be used even should an attack seals Sentinel!

Benitoite Witch, YoYo
Grade 3
When Rode, she can be Called from the Rear-guard, while earning Protect! And your Vanguard is a “Witch”, she can transform herself into another “Witch” to allow for additional attacks!

Dark Irregulars

Amon’s Follower, Phu Geenlin
Grade 1
It has a Skill to let both players place cards from the hand into the Soul, to draw! And it gains Power if your opponent has a lot of cards on their Soul!

Amon’s Follower, Ron Geenlin
Grade 2
When it’s placed, it Soul Charge! Then your opponent gets to make a choice, and depending on it, there might be more Soul Charging! If your opponent has a ton of Soul, this card gains Power and Shield!

Demon World Marquis, Amon
Grade 3
The lord and master of the inhumans, who shall burn and reduce all of creation to ashes!
It has a super powerful skill that places cards from your opponent’s hand and Rear-guards in the Soul! And! If both players have many cards in their Soul, it gains a massive power-up!


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