[G-TD15] Debut of the Divas Checklist

Just a list of names. No actual effects.

G-TD14/001 Chouchou, Lilienel (2)
G-TD14/002 Chouchou, Pallfy (2)
G-TD14/003 Chouchou Debut Stage, Tirua (2)
G-TD14/004 Chouchou, Bierine (3)
G-TD14/005 Chouchou, Biorina (3)
G-TD14/006 Chouchou, Torua (4)
G-TD14/007 Chouchou, Ayana (2)
G-TD14/008 Chouchou, Listella (2)
G-TD14/009 Chouchou, Milda (2)
G-TD14/010 Chouchou, Sabrina (3)
G-TD14/011 Chouchou, Clenes (4)
G-TD14/012 Chouchou, Malle (2)
G-TD14/013 Chouchou, Korin (4)
G-TD14/014 Chouchou, Resakka (2)
G-TD14/015 Chouchou, Sasha (1)
G-TD14/016 Chouchou, Yetta (4)
G-TD14/017 Chouchou, Namic (4)
G-TD14/018 Chouchou, Richelle (4)
G-TD14/019 Chouchou, Bitte (4)


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