[G-TD14] Unexpected Reprints

Nobody expects the Spanish…um promos?

Basically, without this being announced at all, the Bermuda Triangle Trial Decks include promo cards, 3 different, 1 of the 3 per Trial Deck. There are per 6 Trial Decks (a display, which is also the amount from which you’re guaranteed to pull a SP from):

1 School Etoile, Olyvia
2 Superb New Student, Shizuku
3 Friend of the Sun, Marikka

[Hint: It seems that the SP of the Trial Deck is one of the Trial Decks with Marikka as promo in them.]

NOTE: These Trial Decks are different from the ones sold at the Grand Festival which did NOT include these promos.

Also some more goodie:

[Editor’s note: Japan didn’t get this.]

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