[G-TD10 & G-BT09] Further Details

More Product information released today now that Absolute Judgment is out in Japan.

G-TD10 is the following:

Howl Owl is being reprinted with a new artwork from G-TD10.

The set is covering 18 different cards, 1 of which is a reprint (Howl Owl)

52 Cards included (2 G Units)

The Deck covers the new Clan Ability for Shadow Paladin, 儀式(リチュアル), Ritual.

Source 1

Source 2 

gbt09_sairokuG-BT09 has the following revealed:

The cards used in this set will be used by the major characters of G Next, specifically the ‘protagonist team’ and ‘rival characters’. Without digging too deeply, since Royal Paladin and Neo Nectar aren’t in the set list, it’s possible either both characters are switching clans or are having their roles reduced this season.

Reprints are confirmed:

Million Ray Pegasus (Angel Feather)
Thousand Ray Pegasus (Angel Feather)
Silence Joker (Critical Trigger, Spike Brothers)
Battle Siren, Mallika (Aqua Force, Draw Trigger)

Set Distribution is as follows:

104 Different Cards
(100 New, 4 Reprints)
2 Generation Rares
12 RR
22 R
60 Commons
+ 12 SP Cards
+ 2 SGR Cards (Further Foiled versions of the Generation Rares)
5 Special Reprints
20 SP cards in the SP Clan Packs

As for the Aqua Force SP Clan Pack:

The new Thavas Card
Storm Dominator, Commander Thavas (Grade 4)
One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas (Grade 3)
Kelpie Rider, Nikki (Stride Support)
Kelpie Rider, Bestros (Critical Trigger)



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