[G-EB03] Cosmic Hero, Grandscout

The Weekly Vanguard Column reveals a new monster.

G-EB03/062 C 宇宙勇機 グランスカウト Cosmic Hero, Grandscout
“僅かな隙も見逃さない、卓越の演算機能。(Not overlooking a few small gaps, he possesses incredible computing functions.)”
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Star Gate – Dimension Police – Battleroid
Power 7000
Shield 5000
AUTO Generation Break 2: [Counter Blast 1 & Soul Blast 1] When this Unit is placed on (RC), you can pay the cost. If you pay it, choose 1 of your “Gallop” Vanguards, during that turn, its Power is doubled. When that turn ends, this Unit is Retired, and Soul Charge 1. (Increase the Power of when it was chosen.)


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