[G-EB02] Rumored Cards and Effects

Claimed effects and card. They were all written in short hand in Japanese, so they more or less are here as well.


昏睡怪人 シルクスリーパー Coma Mutant, Silk Sleeper
G3 11000
CONT (VC/RC) GB1: When your opponent Stands Units in the same column at this Unit during the Stand Phase, only 1 of them can Stand.

傑出怪人 プロムラーバ Outstanding Mutant, Prom Larva
G0 5000
When your Ride Phase begins, you can Counter Blast 1 and place this card into the Soul to Draw 1 card and Rest all of your opponent’s Units.

マシニング・ターディグレイド Machining Tardigrade
G1 6000
Perfect Guard(Machining Exclusive)
When this Unit is Retired from GC, you can Soul Charge 1.

マシニング・バグワーム Machining Bagworm
G0 5000
AUTO: Forerunner
If your Vanguard is a “Machining”. this card gains “ACT: [Rest this card] If all of your opponent’s Units are Rest, Soul Charge 1, if they aren’t, Rest 1 of your opponent’s Units.”.
ACT: [Place this card into the Soul] Choose 1 of your “Machining”, Stand it.


アニマルクリップ・レッサー Animal Clip Lesser
G1 7000
Success 20000
When this card Boosts, during that battle, you can have this card gain Power+4000. If you do, this card gains “When this turn ends, Retire this Unit. If there’s a face-up card in your G Zone, and this card was Retired while successful, draw up to 1 card from your Deck, and Counter Charge 1”

ステーショナリー・ヒーロー Stationary Hero
G0 5000
ACT CB1 Rest this card, your Unit with the Success ability gains Power+4000 and is Retired when the turn ends.
ACT GB1 Place into Soul, and if there’s a Sucessful Unit, draw 1 card.

ブートキャンプ・キムリック Bootcamp Cymric
G2 9000
When this card is placed on (RC), if you have a “Honorary Professor” on (VC), this card can gain Power+4000, but it’s Retired when the turn ends.
Drop Zone: When your Grade 3 “Honorary Professor” Rides on (VC), you can Counter Blast 1. If you pay it, return this card to the hand.

アドラブル・バリニーズ Advertable Balinese
G1 7000
ACT: Rest this Unit, and if you have a “Honorary Professor” Vanguard, another of your Rear-guards gains Power+4000, and when that turn ends, it’s Retired and you Counter Charge 1.

シッター・ボブテイル Sitter Bobtail
G1 6000
Perfect Guard(Honorary Professor Exclusive)
When this card is retired from (GC), add any number of “Honorary Professor” cards from your Soul to your hand.

トリクル・ブリティッシュ Trickle British
1/Turn: When this card is chosen by the effect of your “Honorary Professor” Vanguard, it gains “When the turn ends and this Unit is Retired, recover 1 “Honorary Professor” from the Drop Zone”.

エランド・ソマリ Errand Somari
G0 5000
AUTO: [Place into the Soul] When an “Honorary Professor” is placed on (VC), you can recover 1 “Honorary Professor” from the Drop Zone.


聖樹竜 ブレイクウェザー・ドラゴン Sacred Tree Dragon, Break Weather Dragon
G4 15000+
When this card is placed in the G Zone from (VC), choose any number of Normal Units with different names from your (RC) or Drop Zonem return them to the Deck, and shuffle the Deck. If you return 5 or more, draw 1 card, Counter Charge 1, and Soul Charge 1.

朝霧草の銃士 キアラ Silvermound Aretemisia, Chiara
G1 6000
Perfect Guard (Musketeer Exclusive)
[Drop Zone] ACT: Bind this card face-up, place 1 other card in your Drop Zone on the bottom of your Deck, and 1 of your “Musketeer” Units gains Power+2000.

孔雀草の銃士 ラケーレ Peacock Grass Musketeer, Raclette
G0 4000 Critical Trigger
CONT (RC/GC/Drop Zone) GB1: This card isn’t treated as a Trigger Unit, it’s treated as a Normal Unit.

カルーナの銃士 エルマ Kaluna Musketeer, Elma
G0 5000
GB1、 When your “Musketeer” Vanguard Attacks, Counter Blast 1 and place this Unit on the bottom of your Deck, then look at the top 4 cards of your Deck, Call 1 “Musketeer” among them, and have it gain Power+4000 {for this turn}. Shuffle the Deck.

振興の乙女 リプセット Promotion Maidn, Ripset
G2 9000
Bloom 1/Turn, when another Unit with the same name appears, choose all of your Units with the same name as this Unit, they gain Power+4000, and if there’s a card face-up in the G Zone, they gain Boost.

連作の乙女 レズリー Repeat Cultivation Maiden, Ladgley
G1 7000
Bloom 1/Turn: When another Unit with the same name is placed on the field, you can Soul Charge 1.
GB1、 At the end of a battle in which this Unit boosts a Unit with the Bloom ability, you can Soul Blast 2 cards and Retire this Unit, and if you do, search your Deck for up to 1 Unit with the same name as the Boosted Unit, Call it to (RC), then shuffle the Deck.

播種の乙女 ティアニー Sowing Maiden, Tierney
G1 6000
Perfect Guard(Ranculus Exclusive)
Bloom [Drop Zone] AUTO: When another Unit with the same name is placed on (GC), Bind this card from the Drop Zone, and add 1 Unit with the Bloom ability from your Drop Zone to your hand.

サンサン・マンゴー Sunsun Mangu
G0 4000 Stand Trigger
GB1、ACT [SB1 & Retire this Unit] Draw 1 card, choose 1 of your Vanguards and 1 of your Rear-guards, your Vanguard gains Power equal to the Power of the chosen Rear-guard.


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