[G-CHB01] Gear Chronicle Ride Chain

A ride chain that supports Gear Chronicle was brought up recently, and one of its members was confirmed by Weekly News Bits. Interestingly, they seem to be themed on cars.

チックフォーク・ドラコキッド Tickfork Dracokid
G0 4000 Gear Chronicle – Gear Dragon
Auto: When “Smartfender Dragon” Rides this Unit, you can look at the top 7 cards of your Deck, search for up to 1 “Greyegizos Dragon” or “Throttlecaliber Dragon”, reveal it, add it to your hand, then shuffle the Deck.
Auto: When you Ride this Unit with a Unit other than “Smartfender Dragon”, you can Call this card to an (RC).

スマートフェンダー・ドラゴン Smartfender Dragon
G1 6000 Gear Chronicle – Gear Dragon
Cont:【VC】 If “Tickfork Dracokid” is in your Soul, this Unit gains Power+3000.
Cont:【RC】 If “Tickfork Dracokid” is in your Soul, this Unit gains Power+1000/Grade+1.

グレイエギゾス・ドラゴン Greyexhaust Dragon
G2 9000 Gearchronicle
Auto: When this Unit is placed on (VC), choose 1 “Smartfender Dragon” from your Soul, you can Call it to (RC) at Rest.
Time Leap – Auto: [CB1] When this card is placed on (RC) or (VC) from the hand, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, choose 1 of your other Grade 2 Rear-guard, Time Leap it.

スロットルキャリバー・ドラゴン Throttlecaliber Dragon
G3 11000 Gear Chronicle – Gear Dragon
Auto【VC】: When this Unit’s attack hits a Vanguard, search your Deck for up to 1 “Chronojet” card, Ride it at Rest, then Shuffle your Deck.
Auto【RC】: When this Unit’s attack hits a Vanguard, if there’s a “Greyexhaust Dragon” on your (VC) or in your Soul, this Unit can bee returned to the hand.


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