[G-BT10] Staff Deck Recipes

Covering Shadow Paladin, Gold Paladin, Royal Pladin, Murakumo, Tachikaze, Nova Grappler and Neo Nectar.

黒炎の儀式 Ritual of Black Flame

The 《Shadow Paladin》 clan ability 【Ritual】, which becomes active depending on the number of Grade 1 in your Drop Zone, has gotten even stronger.

The G Unit, “Draganger, Ogma” has the unprecedented 【Ritual 5】, which means once you achieve “5 or more Grade 1 in your Drop Zone”, you can activate its ability even as your First Stride. By retiring as many Grade 1 ally Rear-guards as you wish, you can force your opponent to place an equal number cards from their hand or Rear-guards into the Drop Zone. It’s a strong skill which you can trust to burn away everything!! By whittling down your opponent’s hand, you erase their ability to use guards to protect against attacks, making it easier for your attack to pass. Also, the Stride Skill of “Dragheart, Luard” which can call Grade 1 allies, has good affinity with “Ogma”. So firmly set up your Grade 1 Rear-guards.

The new Critical Trigger “Belial Owl” is a vital card that smooths things for Ritual Decks. When this card is retired due to your card, you can draw 1 card. And when your turn ends, you can return Belial Owl to the Deck, allowing you another chance at a Trigger Get. So if you need to choose a Rear-guard to Retire, this one is ideal.

Also, the “Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs” 6 Pack Campaign card “Dragwizrd, Uscias”is an unusually powerful Grade 2 card. It has an ability that when its attack hits, you can retire your Rear-guard to draw a card. Also its Ritual ability allows you to have it gain Power equal to the power of a Grade 1 card in your Drop Zone, making it easier to hit.

Achieve 【Ritual】, and seize victory.

G Units
2 Draganger, Ogma G-BT10/001
2 Dark Dragon, Animus Pile Dragon G-BT10/025
2 Dark Dragon, Carnivore Dragon G-TD10/001
4 Dragdriver, Luard G-BT09/005
2 Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo” G-LD01/001
4 Dark Dragon, Plotmaker Dragon G-BT09/013 (G Guardian)

Grade 3
4 Dragheart, Luard G-TD10/003
3 Knight of Serial Blade, Diarmud G-BT09/055

Grade 2
3 Knight of Selection, Fergus G-BT10/049
4 Dragwizard, Morfessa G-BT09/006
4 Dragwizard, Uscias PR/0576

Grade 1
1 Dragwizard, Midir G-BT10/050
4 Dragsaver, Esras G-BT09/014 (Sentinel)
4 Abyssal Owl G-BT09/029
2 Black-winged Swordbreaker BT15/011
2 Night Sky Eagle G-BT03/049
2 Cherishing Knight, Branwen G-BT03/025

Grade 0
1 Dragprince, Rute G-TD10/013 (First Vanguard)
4 Belial Owl G-BT10/011 (Critical Trigger)
4 Howl Owl G-LD01/015 (Draw Trigger)
4 Mage of the Rogue Eye, Arsur (Stand Trigger)
4 Abyss Grail G-TD10/017 (Heal Trigger)

栄光の轍 Trail of Glory

“Gurguit” Decks that use 【Unite】 have evolved even further.

The new main Grade 3 is “Golden Holy Sword, Gurguit”. Its Stride Skill is that you can look at the top 4 cards of your Deck to Call 1 Card, and if you Call a Unit with 【Unite】, you can Call an additional Unit at Rest. This skill can allow you to call a total of 2 cards, making it a Stride Skill that easily allows you to achieve 【Unite】. And if you activate 【Unite】 during your opponent’s turn, you can have all of your Rear-guards gain 『Intercept』 and 『Intercept from the Back Row』. So start off by aggressively Calling from the hand.

And there’s another card, The Grade 4 “Holy Sword of Heavenly Law, Gurguit” is a Grade 4. When it attacks you can look at the top 7 cards of your Deck to Call 1 of them, and, all of your Units gain a Skill that has them gain 2000 Power for each face-up “Gurguit” in your G Zone. This power up is a Continuous ability, so any Units Called after you attack also gain Power, meaning you can constantly aim for a high power attack.

The “Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs” 6 Pack Campaign card “Knight of Spring’s Sun, Conanus” is a vital card. For each of your cards with the Unite ability, it gains Power, up to a maximum of 13000 Power. And since it Powers up without a card, making it a very easy to use card.

Aggressively Call Units to activate 【Unite】, and dominant the fight.

G Units
4 Holy Sword of Heavenly Law G-BT10/005
2 Sunrise Ray Radiant Sword, Gurguit G-BT07/001
1 Golden Dragon, Build Peak Dragon G-BT10/027
1 Golden Dragon, Scourge Point Dragon G-FC01/029
4 Golden Dragon, Glorious Reigning Dragon G-BT08/004
2 Golden Beast, Sleimy Flare G-BT07/014 (G Guardian)
2 Sacred Heaven Prayer Master, Reia G-FC03/029 (G Guardian)

Grade 3
4 Golden Holy Sword, Gurguit G-BT10/006
3 Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit G-FTD01/002

Grade 2
4 Knight of Daylight, Kinarius G-BT10/012
4 Knight of the remaining Sun, Henrius G-BT08/026
4 Knight of Spring’s Light, Perimore G-BT07/004

Grade 1
4 Holy Mage, Alessia G-BT10/013 (Sentinel)
2 Knight of Morning Light, Horsa G-BT08/027
4 Dawning Knight, Gorboduc G-FTD01/011
4 Knight of Spring’s Sun, Conanus PR/0577

Grade 0
1 Knight of Early Dawn, Coel G-FTD01/014 (First Vanguard)
4 Flame of Victory G-FTD01/019 (Critical Trigger)
4 Scarface Lion G-BT07/015 (Critical Trigger)
4 Player of the Holy Pipe, Gerrie G-BT07/061 (Stand Trigger)
4 Curable Angel G-FTD01/018 (Heal Trigger)

天命を受けし竜 The Dragon That Received Destiny

A new ace G Unit with 【Brave】 has appeared.

This new G Unit is “Holy Dragon, Luminous Hope Dragon” which gains 10000 Power for each card with the same name face-up in your G Zone, and grants all of your Rear-guards with 【Brave】 an additional 1000 Power. In other words, at maximum, it gains 30000 Power and all of your Rear-guards gain 3000 Power, allowing for a truly powerful attack. And by activating its 【Brave】, when it attacks, if you have 2 or more face-up 【Brave】 cards in your G Zone, you can Call 1 Grade 2 card from your Deck, and if there are 3, Luminous Hope gains Critical+1. By Calling during the Battle Phase, you can increase your number attacks. Also, keep in mind the G Guardian “Divine Knight of Godly Defense, Ingraine” has 【Brave】.

The Grade 1 “Knight of Encouragement, Harbon”, when your Grade 2 Unit with the Brave ability is Retired, can return that card to the hand. Return cards like “Knight of Ambuscade, Redon”.

The “Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs” 6 Pack Campagin card “Knight of Dedication, Jeanne” is also a vital card. During the turn it appears, it gains power, and when the turn ends it can move to the back row. It is also capable of Intercepting from the Back Row during the opponent’s turn, making it a card that can easily play an active role. Also, by returning cards like “Knight of Encouragement, Harbon” to return it to the hand after Intercepting, you can use its ability that works when it enters the field multiple time.

Power up yourself and your allies in the name of victory.

G Units
4 Holy Dragon, Luminous Hope Dragon G-BT10/003
1 Holy Dragon, Brave Lancer Dragon G-CHB01/001
1 Divine Knight of Lore, Selfes G-TD11/001
2 Blazing Sword, Fides G-BT08/003
3 Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile G-BT04/003
1 Transcending the Heavens, Altmile G-BT06/001
2 Divine Knight of Godly Defense, Ingraine G-CHB01/011 (G Guardian)
2 Holy Dragon, Laserguard Dragon G-FC03/025 (G Guardian)

Grade 3
4 Knight of Heavenly Decree, Altmile G-CHB01/005
3 Blue Sky Knight, Altmile G-TD11/003

Grade 2
1 Knight of Backwater, Remis G-BT10/046
4 Knight of Ambuscade, Redon G-CHB01/012
1 Flying Swallow Knight, Claus G-TD11/006
3 Counteroffensive Knight, Suleiman G-BT06/003
2 Knight of Dedication, Jeanne PR/0575

Grade 1
2 Security Knight, Regius G-CHB01/013 (Sentinel)
2 Hope Keeper G-BT06/012 (Sentinel)
3 Laurel Knight, Sicilius G-CHB01/Re:01
2 Headwind Knight, Selim G-BT06/025
3 Support Warlock of Damascus G-TD11/010
2 Knight of Encouragement, Harbon G-BT10/024

Grade 0
2 Knight of Discipline, Alectos G-TD11/013 (First Vanguard)
4 Bringer of Dreams, Belenius G-CHB01/Re:03 (Critical Trigger)
4 Severe Hit Knight, Gulgites G-TD11/014 (Critical Trigger)
4 Burning Mane Lion G-DG01/018 (Critical Trigger)
4 Knight of Pretty Sword G-TD11/017 (Heal Trigger)

ガイアの伝説 Legend of Gaia

“Gaia” along with 【Engorge】 have both evolved. Your new Main Grade 3 is “Frenzy Emperor Dragon, Gaia Death Parade”, whose Stride Skill grants your Vanguard a 『When this card becomes Engorged, draw 1 card』 ability. It’s a fantastic ability that it converts your Counter Blasts into a Draw. Also, it has a powerful skill that if it’s 【Engorge】d, it gains 5000 Power, and if it’s the Vanguard, it gains Critical+1. It can serve a great role as both your Vanguard or Rear-guard.

And there’s the new “Gaia” G Unit “Great Emperor Dragon, Gaia Dynast”. This Unit both Retires and allows for continuous attack. You can choose an Ally Rear-guard when this card becomes 【Engorge】d, and then Retire all Rear-guards in the same column as that card to Counter Charge 1. And, it also Retires the opponent’s Rear-guard.
Ad, it can also Call Units Retired by itself, granting itself and the Called Unit 3000 Power. And since it isn’t restricted to once per turn, as long as you have cards to Counter Blast, this allows your Rear-guards to play an active role.

The “Raging Clash of the Blad Fangs” 6 Pack Campaign card “Impulse Dragon, Charging Pachycephalo” is a card with noting. When it’s Retired by the cost or effect of a “Gaia” Unit, you can draw a card. As well, it’s okay even when retired by another Unit’s Engorge. So prioritize what target to choose.

【Engorge】 by consuming your ally, and aim to seize victory with super powerful attacks!

G Units
4 Great Emperor Dragon, Gaia Dynast G-BT10/007
2 Destruction Tyrant, Twintempest G-TCB01/002
1 Destruction Tyrant, Archraider G-FC01/033
4 Absolute Ruler, Gluttony Dogma G-TCB01/006
1 Destructive Equipment, Hammer Gewalt G-TCB01/029
4 Absolute Authority Giant Wall, Blockade Ganga G-BT10/014 (G Guardian)

Grade 3
4 Frenzy Emperor Dragon, Gaia Death Parade G-BT10/015
4 Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor G-TCB01/007

Grade 2
4 Baking Flame Dragon, Gigant Flame G-BT10/016
2 Blade Dragon, Jigsawsaurus G-TCB01/015
4 Beam Dragon, Apatomaser G-TCB01/031
2 Tank Mammoth G-TCB01/032

Grade 1
2 Impulse Dragon, Charging Pachycephalo PR/0578
3 Prism Bird G-TCB01/033
4 Cold Dragon, Freezernyx G-TCB01/059
4 Barrier Dragon, Styracolord G-TCB01/034 (Sentinel)

Grade 0
1 Baby Camara G-TCB01/035 (First Vanguard)
4 Ancient Dragon, Dinodile G-BT10/073 (Critical Trigger)
4 Cannon Fire Dragon, Parasaulauncher G-TCB01/017 (Critical Trigger)
4 Savage Notice G-BT10/071 (Draw Trigger)
4 Aid Styraco G-BT10/072 (Heal Trigger)

泰家流忍法 超越分身の術 Yasuie Ninja Arts: Art of Stride Duplication

An even further evolved “Yasuie” has appeared.

The main Grade 3 is “Stealth Rogue of the Trial, Yasuie”. Its Stride Skill is that you get to Choose 1 Unit and Call a card with the same name. Unlike the “Yasuie” that have appeared thus far, the Called Unit is not placed on the bottom of the Deck when the turn ends. And the Called Card gains a 『If this card’s attack doesn’t hit, it can return itself to the hand』. Also at the end of a battle in which Yasuie attacks, if it didn’t hit, you can draw 1 card and place 1 card from your hand on the bottom of the Deck with its Shadowstitch ability. This ability can be activated either as a Vanguard or Rearugard, making it an exceptionally useful Shadowstitch. So return Trigger Units and Units you want to Duplicate that are in your hand, by placing them back into the Deck.

And the G Unit “Rogue Deity of the Third Realm, Yasuie Gouma”. For the first time in history, its unique ability allows you to Call G Units forth as Rear-guards. This is the Art of Stride Duplication!! And as well, its Shadowstitch ability lets you draw 1 card to place 1 card from your hand back on the bottom of your Deck, all the while improving the quality of your hand.

The “Raging Clash of tbe Blade Fangs” 6 Pack Campaign card “Stealth Rogue of Concealment, Tanba” is also an important card. Its Shadowstitch ability is that by returning a Normal Unit from your Drop Zone, it can Power itself up. So let’s place cards you want back on the bottom of your Deck.

By using 【Shadowstitch】, as well as 《Murakumo》’s speciality of Duplication, you’ll lead the way to victory.

G Units
4 Rogue Deity of the Third Realm, Yasuie Gouma G-BT10/008
2 Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Shibarakku Buster G-TCB02/001
4 Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Yasuie Tenma G-TCB02/004
2 Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Homura Raider G-BT03/008
1 Ambush Demon Stealth Fiend, Hougen Wing G-FC03/034 (G Guardian)
3 Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Shishiyuzuki G-TCB02/010 (G Guardian)

Grade 3
4 Stealth Rogue of the Trial, Yasuie G-BT10/018
4 Stealth Rogue of Reelation, Yasuie G-BT03/016

Grade 2
4 Stealth Rogue of Envy, Ikyuu G-BT10/019
4 Stealth Dragon, Yashabayashi G-TCB02/025
4 Stealth Dragon, Fudoublast G-BT10/034

Grade 1
2 Gateway Stealth Rogue, Ataka G-BT03/035
4 Stealth Beast, White Heron G-BT03/017
3 Stealth Rogue of Concealment, Tanba PR/0579
3 Stealth Dragon, Onibayashi G-TCB02/027

Grade 0
1 Chain Sickle Stealth Rogue, Onifundo G-BT03/080 (First Vanguard)
4 Stealth Rogue of the Fiendish Blade, Masamura G-TCB02/013 (Critical Trigger)
4 Stealth Beast, Cat Devil G-TCB02/052 (Critical Trigger)
4 Stealth Dragon, Hiden Scroll G-BT03/081 (Strand Trigger)
4 Stealth Beast, Oyama Cat G-BT10/086 (Heal Trigger)

闘魂無限斬 Rush Infinite Death

“Victor” fights even more explosively with 【Rush】!!

The main card is the Grade 3 “Exxcessive Battler, Victor”. When you Stride it, your Vanguard gains the following: 『When this card attacks, choose 1 of your Rear-guards with 【Rush】, Stand all Rear-guards in the same Column as that Unit.』. And its own 【Rush】 is, when it Stands, all of your Front Row Units gain Power+2000. This effect isn’t exclusive to it being the Vanguard, it works even if it’s your Rear-guard, so call it as a Rear-guard if you have the chance and aggressively have it Stand.

And the new G Unit “Favorite Champ, Victor”. It can Stand as many Rear-guards as there are face-up cards in your G Zone. And if you Stand 3 or more Units, you can discard 3 cards from your hand to reduce its Drive by 2 and in return have Victor Stand. Oh my, it isn’t restricted to once per turn, so as long as you can pay the cost, it can keep Standing with this marvelous ability.

The “Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs” 6 Pack Campaign card “Extreme Battler, Sever-temper” is an unusally strong Grade 2. Not only does it gain 5000 Power when it stands, but if you Drive Check a Grade 3 with your Vanguard, this card can retire an opponent front row Rear-guard that has Power equal to or less than this card! So make sure to call this card.

By activating 【Rush】, you can win with powerful consecutive attacks.

G Unit
2 Favorite Champ, Victor G-BT10/002
2 Meteokaiser, Victor G-BT06/006
4 Meteokaiser, Victoplasma G-BT01/007
4 Meteokaiser, Bustered G-FC03/003
2 Meteokaiser, Unior G-BT10/021 (G Guardian)
2 Righteous Superhuman, Blue Prison G-FC03/036 (G Guardian)

Grade 3
4 Exxcessive Battler, Victor G-BT10/009
4 Exxtreme Battler, Victor G-BT01/008

Grade 2
4 Extreme Battler, Sever-temper PR/0580
4 Cool Hank G-BT01/017
4 Extreme Battler, Arbarail G-BT06/031

Grade 1
2 Furious Puncher G-BT10/094
4 Lady Cyclone G-BT01/018 (Sentinel)
3 Extreme Battler, Arashid G-BT01/038
4 Extreme Battler, Malyaki G-BT06/032

Grade 0
1 Extreme Battler, Kabutron G-BT06/033 (First Vanguard)
4 Red Lightning G-BT10/099 (Critical Trigger)
4 Extreme Battler, Break-pass G-BT06/015 (Critical Trigger)
4 Mega Hammer Lady G-BT10/097 (Draw Trigger)
4 Toughness Jen G-BT10/098 (Heal Trigger

経世の花金鳳花 Governining Ranunculus Asiaticus

A new G Unit with 【Bloom】 appears, bringing further prosperity.

The New G Unit “Governning Flower Princess, Selfina” lets you choose a number of Rear-guards equal to the number of cards in your G Zone and grant them 2000 Power, and call copies of a chosen Rear-guard equal to the number of face-up “Governing Flower Princess, Selfina”. If you call 2 or more, Selfina gains Critical+1. Even from the First Stride, you can definitely Call cards with the same name. It also lets you activate the Bloom of “Robust Maiden, Noel” and “Osmanthus Maiden, Anelma”.

And for Boosting, “Assistant Maiden, Lucie” has an interesting ability. At the end of a battle in which it Boosted an attack that hit, you can call a copy of another of your Rear-guard /
By also using 【Bloom】, you’ll be able to further hunt down your opponents.

The “Raging Clash of the Blade Fangs” card “Sprinkling Water Maiden, Starsha” is a noteworthy card. Its Bloom Ability allows it to Counter Charge, and it’s also a handy card in that it can Power up your other Rear-guards.

By activating 【Bloom】, you can use their abilities to fight.

G Unit
4 Governing Flower Princess, Selfina G-BT10/010
4 Dream-spinning Ranunculus, Ahsha G-BT04/010
2 Ranunculus in Glorious Bloom, Ahsha G-BT06/002
1 Flower Princess of Beautiful Winter, Inverno G-CHB01/003
1 Flower Princess of Faith, Celine G-TD12/001
2 Passiflora Flower Princess, Marleena G-CHB01/019
2 Flower Princess of Autumn Scenery, Verna G-BT08/021

Grade 3
4 Ranunculus of Searing Heart, Ahsha G-CHB01/008
3 Lily Narcissus Flower Maiden, Eliana G-BT10/101

Grade 2
4 Robust Maiden, Noel G-CHB01/009
4 Osmanthus Maiden, Anelma G-TD12/006
4 Ideal Maiden, Thuria G-BT06/021

Grade 1
3 Assistant Maiden, Lucie G-BT10/102
4 Sprinkling Water Maiden, Starsha PR/0581
4 Flower Keeper Dragon G-CHB01/021 (Sentinel)
3 Valkyrie of Reclamation, Padmini G-BT02/041

Grade 0
1 Bean Sprout Maiden, Ida G-TD12/013 (First Vanguard)
4 Flower Garden Maiden, Mylis G-BT04/022 (Critical Trigger)
4 Watering Elf G-CHB01/075 (Stand Trigger)
4 Maiden of Daybreak G-TD03/019 (Stand Trigger)
4 Calla Pixy, Quitterie G-TD12/017 (Heal Trigger)

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