[G-BT08] Official Deck Recipes (Round 2)

Covering five specific sub groups supported in G-BT08.

神器の三姉妹 The Three Regalia Sisters

The Regalia Triplets “Urder”, “Verdandi” and “Skuld” have arrived!
During your First Stride, go into “Demeter” from “Verdandi”. Let’s Soul Charge to set up for your next turn. On your Second Stride onwards, have “Urdr” appear! Because it can place all of the “Regalia” from your Drop Zone into the Soul, you can use cards like your Sentinel “Svalinn” to fill up your Drop Zone. “Urdr” at the cost of 6 Soul Blasts can raise her own Critical and Power. Depending on your Soul, this powerful ability can be used multiple times. And if you Stride “Urdr” from “Verdnandi”, Verdandi’s ability will let your front row Regalias gain Power every time cards are placed into your Soul, meaning you can instantly cause your power to sky rocket! Also, “Skuld” is a Support Card that can return cards from your Drop Zone, while letting you Soul Charge and increase your hand. Fight by manipulating the Soul with the power of the three sisters!

G Unit
4 Prehistoric Regalia, Urdr G-BT08/005
2 Sacred Flame Ultimate Regalia, Demeter G-FC01/011
1 Mythical Hellsky Beast, Fenrir G-BT08/001
1 Great Angel, Doom Brace G-FC01/030
4 Mythical Destroyer Beast, Vanargandr G-BT04/006
2 Dome War Shrine Maiden, Hanasatsuki G-BT08/013 (G Guardian)
2 Goddess of Seven Colors, Iris G-FC03/030 (G Guardian)

Grade 3
4 Cosmic Regalia, CEO Yggdrasil EB12/001
4 Present Era Regalia, Verdandi G-BT08/014

Grade 2
4 Regalia of Fate, Norn EB12/012
4 Midday Regalia, Hemera EB12/006
4 Regalia of Beauty, Venus EB12/018

Grade 1
4 Cold Blast Regalia, Svalinn EB12/008 (Sentinel)
3 Exorcism Regalia, Shiny Angel EB12/023
3 Mythic Beast, Skoll G-BT04/034 (Stride Support)
3 Next Era Regalia, Skuld G-BT08/060

Grade 0
1 Vivid Rabbit BT11/058 (First Vanguard)
4 Regalia of Far-sight, Clear Angel EB12/029 (Critical)
2 Battle Maiden, Kukurihime EB12/033 (Critical)
2 Regalia of Foredoom, Lot Angel EB12/034 (Draw)
4 Mirror Regalia, Achlis EB12/035 (Stand)
4 Regalia of Compassion, Eir EB12/032 (Heal)

インフィニット・ロック Infinite Lock

Infinite is a Lock that never ends…

Up until now you were limited to tactics using “Quintessence Dragon” to Lock the opponent’s Rearguards, but with the arrival of “Infinite Distarve”, “Infinite” Decks have gotten even stronger! “Distarv”, whether it’s the Vanguard or Rearguard, has wonderous abilities that if its attacks hits, you can perform a continuous attack.

“Geminga” can both Lock and raise its own Power, making it an excellent Rearguard attacker. Reign over the fight using Lock and continuous attacks!

G Unit
4 Death Star-vader, Quintessence Dragon G-FC02/016
2 Genesis Dragon, Amenesty Messiah G-BT03/002
4 Nebula Dragon, Big Crunch Dragon G-BT03/009
1 Genesis Dragon, Excelics Messiah G-BT05/001
1 Snow Element, Blizza G-BT02/043
2 Genesis Beast, Destiny Guardian G-BT08/016
2 Death Star-vader, Demon Maxwell G-FC03/038

Grade 3
4 Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon TD11/001
4 Star-vader, Infinite Distarv G-BT08/031

Grade 2
4 Star-vader, Geminga Dragon G-BT08/068
4 Star-vader, Colony Maker BT13/015
3 Companion Star Star-vader, Photon TD17/005

Grade 1
2 Eclipse Star-vader, Charcoal BT17/086
4 Flowers in Vacuum, Cosmo Wreath G-BT03/019 (Sentinel)
4 Destiny Dealer G-BT03/038 (Stride Support)
2 Clearout Star-vader, Buromin G-FC02/038
2 Star-vader, Heliopose Dragon G-BT08/070

Grade 0
1 Involution Star-vader, Carbon G-BT05/075 (First Vanguard)
4 Star-vader, Weiss Soldat BT12/072 (Critical)
4 Blink Messiah G-BT05/018 (Critical)
4 Star-vader, Paradigm Shift Dragon G-BT05/076 (Critical)
4 Star-vader, Stellar Garage TD11/017 (Heal)

人形の饗宴 A Festival of Dolls

As the number of Nightmare Dolls increase, the Puppet Show Troupe heads to greater stages!

The chief strategy is based around “Catherine” and “Alice”. Using the ability of your Vanguard “Catherine”, you can aim to continuously attack as long as “Alice”‘s attacks don’t hit. Call “Leslie” to the back row behind “Alice”. When you attack, start with “Catherine”, check your Triggers, apply the 5000+Power benefit to your bacrkow Leslie, and rememeber that will allow “Alice”‘s continuous attacks to keep rising.

Also your new ally “Claris”, while a Grade 1, can sorta-kinda simulate an Intercept. After she intercepts, you can return her to the Soul. And you can Call her many times with “Beatrix”. Also, “Pamela”, as your First Vanguard candidate can adjust your hand even early on.

As the Race 〈Workeroid〉 increase, the number of Targets you can Call out with the G Unit “Beatrix” increases, so your choice of strategies continue to widen, meaning this is a Deck worth keeping an eye on going into the future.

G Units
4 Nightmare Doll of the Abyss, Beatrix G-FC02/019
2 Jester Demonic Dragon, Lunatec Dragon G-BT05/008
1 Dragon Masquerade, Harri G-BT05/002
4 Dreamiy Axel, Milward G-FC03/005
1 Ardor Dragon Master, Amanda G-TD07/001
2 Doting Harlequin, Maja G-BT08/018 (G Guardian)
2 Chainsaw Megatrick, Furnival G-FC03/041 (G Guardian)

Grade 3
4 Nightmare Doll, Catherine G-BT05/009
4 Nightmare Doll, Alice BT03/003

Grade 2
4 Nightmare Doll, Ginny G-BT05/081
4 Nightmare Doll Master, Brenda G-FC02/041
3 Nitro Juggler EB01/022

Grade 1
4 Nightmare Doll, Leslie G-BT05/086
3 Nightmare Doll, Claris G-BT08/038
3 Masquerade Bunny G-BT05/038 (Stride Support)
4 Hoop Master G-BT06/018 (Sentinel)

Grade 0
1 Nightmare Doll, Pamela G-BT08/085 (First Vanguard)
4 Nightmare Doll, Mirabel G-BT05/089 (Critical)
4 Poison Juggler G-TD07/018 (Critical)
4 Silver Thorn Marionette, Natasha BT12/100 (Draw)
4 Nightmare Doll, Dory G-BT08/086

七つの海の王 King of the Seven Seas

Two new friends join the Seven Seas Pirates!

“Seven Seas Plunderer, Nightspinel” powers up every time a Seven Seas revives from the Drop Zone. Revive them using “Loved by the Seven Seas, Nightmist”. The Grade 1 “Witch Doctor of the Seven Seas, Raistutor” lets you place the top card of your Deck into the Drop Zone, and if that card is a Seven Seas, you can revive a Seven Seas of the same Grade. To raise your success rate, increase the number of Seven Seas cards included. It’s a card worthy of keeping attention as your Seven Seas allies increase in the future, thus raising the revival rate.

“Seven Seas Master Swordsman, Slash Shade” is key to your Deck. When your “Seven Seas” Vanguard attacks, youcan Retire 1 of your Grade 1 or higher Rearguards to resurrect it from the Drop Zone, so attack with your Rearguard beforehand then retire it.

With so many cards that activate their abilities in the Drop Zone, your First Vanguard, “Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner” can increase your Drop Zone.

G Units
4 Loved by the Seven Seas, Nightmist G-FC02/020
2 Mist Phantasm Pirate King, Nightrose G-BT06/008
1 Ghostie Great King, Obadiah G-BT06/037
1 Pirate King of Secret Schemes, Bandit Rum G-TD08/001
2 Tempest-calling Pirate King, Gouache G-BT08/009
2 Demon Sea Queen, Maread G-FC03/007
2 Great Witch Doctor of the Banquet, Negrolily G-BT08/019 (G Guardian)
2 Eclipse Dragonhulk, Deep Corpse Dragon G-FC03/043 (G Guardian

Grade 3
3 Seven Seas Sage, Plegeton G-FC02/043
4 Lord of the Seven Seas, Nightmist BT13/016

Grade 2
4 Seven Seas Master Swordsman, Slash Shade G-BT06/086
3 Witch Doctor of the Seven Seas, Raisruler G-BT06/088
4 Seven Seas Plunderer, Nightspinel G-BT08/087

Grade 1
2 Sea Strolling Banshee BT13/037
4 Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow G-BT06/089
2 Tommy the Ghostie Brothers G-BT06/039 (Stride Support)
2 Witch Doctor of the Seven Seas, Raistutor G-BT08/091
4 Waterspout Djinn G-BT06/020 (Sentinel)

Grade 0
1 Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner G-BT06/091 (First Vanguard)
1 Undying Departed, Grenache G-TD08/014 (First Vanguard)
4 Knight Spirit BT02/052 (Critical)
4 Rough Seas Banshee BT02/055 (Critical)
4 Rampage Shade G-BT08/020 (Critical)
4 Rick the Ghostie BT02/054 (Heal)

アルボロス再誕!! Arboros Resurrection!!

“Arboros Dragon” is finally reborn, and he has allies in toe!

“Arboros’ Frontal Guard, Aira” is support for Riding Arboros from Grade 0 to Grade 3. “Arboros’ Royal Guard, Airi” is an excellent attacker who can attack Arboros to your hand when her attack hits. Also the Grade 3 “Arboros Compost Dragon” has an ability that lets you draw when it hits.

The exclusive Sentinel “Arboros’ Defensive Wall, Sanelma” can add duplicate Guardians to your hand, meaning it has an ability that excels at increasing your hand.

And this card’s Main Card, the G Unit “Arboros Dragon, Ein Soph Ohr”, can call copies of same named cards from the Deck, and up Generation Break 2, it Powers Up all of your front row Arboros. Because all of your Arboros allies have “Arboros” in their name, you’ll definitely be able to power them up. Aim for victory with the bonds between the Arboros!

G Unit
3 Arboros Dragon, Ein Soph Ohr G-BT08/022
1 Flower Princess of Spring’s Beginning, Primavera G-BT02/001
4 Dream-spinning Ranunculus, Ahsha G-BT04/010
1 Flower Princess of Spring, Arborea G-TD03/001
3 Flower Princess of Perpetual Summer, Verano G-FC03/008
2 Sacred Tree Dragon, Rain Breath Dragon G-FC03/048 (G Guardian)
2 Flower Princess of Autumn Scenery, Verna G-BT08/021 (G Guardian

Grade 3
4 Arboros Dragon, Sephirot BT08/003
4 Arboros Compost Dragon G-BT08/095

Grade 2
4 Arboros Dragon, Timber BT08/028
4 Arboros’ Royal Guard, Airi G-BT08/042
2 Maiden of Flower Screen G-BT04/042

Grade 1
4 Arboros Dragon, Branch BT08/064
4 Arboros’ Defensive Wall, Sanelma G-BT08/044 (Sentinel)
4 Arboros’ Frontal Guard, Aira G-BT08/098
3 Valkyrie of Reclamation, Padmini G-BT02/041 (Stride Support)

Grade 0
1 Arboros Dragon, Ratoon BT08/029 (First Vanguard)
4 Flower Garden Maiden, Mylis G-BT04/022 (Critical)
4 Chestnut Bullet BT05/050 (Critical)
4 Tsukken Don G-BT06/102 (Critical)
4 Fairy Light Dragon G-TD03/018 (Heal)

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