Colorful Pastrale and Bermuda Triangle details

Today’s Colorful Pastrale Stream revealed some upcoming Bermuda Triangle products, along with information about the upcoming anime.

The 5 new girls will have PR cards in V-TD08.

V Extra Booster 05: Primary Melody will be released in Japan on 29 March, featuring Bermuda Triangle.


Our story begins in the rural village of Parrel, far from the big city.

Four childhood friends (and their pet) are troubled, despite making their cake and living a slow going life in the countryside, they dream of life in the big city.

One day, these young mermaids travel to Azarashi City!

Fina (CV: Risa Tsumugi)

A gentle and kind girl who loves to cook, make sweets, and sew clothes. Together with Serena in ShellSis, she’s the younger sister-like one of the two. She’s still the same careless spoiled child she’s been since she was a little girl.

Serena (CV: Hikaru Tohno)

A calm and firm girl. However, she’s anxious about her clumsiness. She’s the older sister-like member of ShellSis, alongside Fina. She loves to talk about how adorable Fina-chan is.

Caro (CV: Amane Shindo)

An energetic and unconventional, uninhibited girl who’s the life of the party. She’s usually the one to get things rolling and she likes to make sure everyone is happy, but because of her frankly meek personality, those around her tend to be the straight men in the situation.

Canon (CV: Moeka Hiraguri)

A country girl who came to the big city for certain reasons. Despite being rather polite, civil and obedient, she has her moments where she’s extremely blunt. Because she loves to eat, she tends to react when she hears about food.

Sonata (CV: Larissa Takeda Tago)

She is one of four childhood friends. Even though she cares about everyone, she tends to hold back when it comes to herself. Since Canon chose to travel away from Parrel, Sonata tends to think about things more than the rest.


The Chief of Parrel Village, always being chased around by various villagers.


Owner of the popular cafe “Espoir”. She’s gentle and a good listener, but can be sharp at times.

Other characters include FrazeCodaShanteMaltoretRege

PocoSeal PostmanCapriAdeleNatura

Parrel Village Townscape. To the right are sandwiches, and cakes from Espoir.

The opening theme will be “Wonderland Girl“, performed by Pastel*Palettes. Fans of the band would already be familiar with the theme.

The ending theme will be “Bubbles“, performed by the main cast of Colorful Pastrale.

Colorful Pastrale goes live on 12 January.

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