[Article] Through Dimensions Part 1

Greetings readers, allow me to introduce myself formally as Brave V-Decker, though I use BVD for short. I hone a clan specialty- or rather obsession, in Dimension Police and am here to provide my insight on the matter for Cardfight Coalition as a guest author passing a visit in from my personal blog of most rants and ravings, opinions and personal diary type reports.

All clans have their origin and journey from that point to present. Much appreciation to PHANTOM, as I was hitting a wall with my writings when looking for what to write for this little project, his retrospective for Gold Paladins made me realise it’s something I’ve never done despite how long I’ve held a blog. So this week begins the throwback for Dimension Police starting from ZERO.

Introducing Wokerpod Saturday!

The first Grade 0 in the clan, a Vanilla 6000 with no skills to speak of and releasing before the clan even had a fully playable deck with only 3 other cards releasing alongside it, though these other three would be important for the early days of the clan.

Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha
played the role of secondary Grade 3 in Dimension Police’s first fully playable deck: Enigman Storm.
Masked Police Grander was a helpful buffing component but his 8k base power, which was common among any of the early power gifters the clan received had the effect of needing to insert Karenroid Daisy to the deck to be able to hit for 2 stages of guard vs an 11k Vangaurd.

These four cards are all that came in Demonic Lord Invasion (Booster Tech 03) for the clan, it wasn’t until Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows (Booster Tech 04) though that the clan was playable in of itself with the core of the deck being a ride chain.

The gambit for the deck was rather simple. Ramp Enigman Storm, or the back up Daiyusha, by power +4000 before they charged into attack, the tools the deck had to do this though frequently only provided a power boost of +2000 power to the vanguard. There was one exception to this but only if you could pay in counterblast 2, a very hefty cost to activate the critical threshold but it was very much in line with the times where CB2 would grab you a +1 advantage. The name of this exception card- Cosmo Beak.

[AUTO]: (CB2) When this unit is placed on (RC) you may pay the cost, if you do, choose another of your <Dimension Police> and that unit gets power +4000 until end of turn.

This being the soul single card means of hitting activation, and also being single skill use per unit instance lead to consistency issues with the ramping of early builds.

Masked Police Grander ( pictured far above- and small at that) and a 6000 power Grade 1 named Cosmo Roar had repetitive usability, the former performing a +2000 incline when attacking with the latter providing the same output but requiring the input of resting during the Main Phase.

In the very next set Booster Tech 05: Awakening of the Twin Blades, another meeker 4 card boost of support (yay for terrible terrible pull rates), a different deck for Dimension Police began to show focused on Enigman Rain. The card that triggered this shift called Miracle Beauty.

[AUTO] [(RC)]: During your battle phase, when this unit becomes <stand>, if you have a <Dimension Police> vanguard, choose another of your rear-guard in the same column as this unit, and <stand> it.
This card complemented Cosmo Roar so well that it secured the card’s status in early Enigman Rain as a staple with Enigman Rain herself as the leader supported Miracle Beauty.

On which note it would be best to describe Rain.

[AUTO] [(VC)]: At the beginning of your attack step, it this unit’s power is 12000 or greater, this unit gets “[AUTO](VC): When this unit’s attack hits a vanguard, choose one of your rear-guards, and <stand> it.” until end of that battle.

Combine this ability with a new Stand Trigger carrying an additional ability (the clan had one of each trigger type in BT04) this allowed for an 8 stand deck- which is indeed what happened. 8 Stand, 4 Critical, 4 Heal.
The shift towards Enigman Rain, who couldn’t be sought by the ride chain meant dropping ride chain support opening slots to other options in the deck. The natural critical push was brought forward to turn two with the Grade 2; Platinum Ace.

This is however where we end for now. Awakening of the Twin Blades bought with it the trinity of crossrides and those three deck ruled the metagame for their time in Japan, with a forth being Oracle Moon. In English it went slightly differently with Spectral Duke Dragon Gold Paladin also having a say in the picture, a deck that was absent in the JP scene at the same time- different release schedules playing major part in that. Each of these decks aside not much else had a shoe in during this time, this unfortunate note ends the origins of the clan, not much in the way of success at the start but important cards came of it nonetheless. It was after all during these early days that Bushiroad planted the seed that is now firmly rooted in the present day meta Dimension Police decks.

Yeah- I mean him.

We get to start talking victories next time, but these weren’t born from justice…



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