[COTD] [V-EB12] Desert Gunner, Bhajan & Galvanic Mace Dragon

Chatura got a friend at being bound by yourself.

V-EB12/027 R デザートガンナー バジャン Desert Gunner, Bhajan
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Narukami – Human
Power 8000
Shield 10000
“As long as the distance from the opponent is shortened!”
AUTO When bound from hand during your turn, you may call this card to (RC).
AUTO (RC) When placed, if any player’s card was bound this turn, Soul Charge 1.

V-EB12/045 C ガルバニックメイス・ドラゴン Galvanic Mace Dragon
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Narukami – Thunder Dragon
Power 12000
CONT (VC/RC) During the battle this unit attacked, if your hand and rear-guards are a total of four or less, your opponent cannot call sentinels and grade 0 cards from hand.


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