Previews from Clan Collections: Narukami & Angel Feather

Forbidden powers resurrect in another world


Exorcist Mage, Miu Miu
Grade 1
When it’s Rode, you can use the top of your Deck to increase the size of your Bind Zone! Also, this card has a Skill to let you bind from your hand to draw!

Exorcist Mage, Ren Ren
Grade 2
When Rode, it lets you increase the size of your hand and Bind Zone. By binding your Deck, its Skill buffs Ren Ren depending on the Grade!

Sealed Demon Dragon, Dungaree
Grade 3
The divine dragon that wields forbidden power! — But its power is sealed. By piling up your Bind Zone, you can unleash that sealed power!

Angel Feather

Nursing Celestial, Narelle
Grade 1
A Unit that supports the gimmick of the “Celestials”, which is assembling “Celestials” in the Damage Zone.

Emergency Celestial, Danielle
Grade 2
When placed, its Skill lets it Call a Unit from the Deck with the same name as a card in the Damage Zone.

Cleanup Celestial, Ramiel “Reverse”
Grade 3
Just like “Prophecy Celestial, Ramiel (D-VS02/001)”, if you have a Rear-guard with the same name as a card in your Damage Zone, you can unleash its true potential! Also, when it attacks, its powerfl skill forces your opponent to make a horrifying miserable choice…!?


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