[V-EB05] Legend Idol Rare illustrations

COTD reveals have stopped for two days until Friday, but the Bermuda Triangle reveals have continued.

The Colorful Pastrale official Twitter page has revealed the illustrations of the remaining two LIR cards, and together with Irina revealed on Tuesday, all three LIR illustrations have been revealed.

On Tuesday:

Revealed alongside Gust Blaster Dragon on Tuesday to usher in the new year is Irina. Her voice actor is Yuka Ozaki, who is starring as Asuka Toyama, Kasumi Toyama’s sister, from BanG Dream.

On Wednesday:

The next reveal is Laura. Her voice actor is Sae Otsuka, who plays the role of the guitarist of Poppin’Party, Tae Hanazono.

On Thursday:

The last Legend Idol Rare, just revealed today, is Anescheka. And her voice actor is Rimi Nishimoto, who plays the chocolate cornet loving drummer of Poppin’Party, Rimi Ushigome.

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