[G-BT11] Confirmed Reprints

Both Normal and Special Reprints.

For Special Reprints, we have 3 cards with completely new artwork and RRR foils:

  • G-FC02/012 Witch Queen of Holy Water, Clove
  • G-TCB01/005 Stealth Dragon, Shiranui
  • G-TCB01/013 Stealth Dragon, Noroi

Clove is because she was first printed in a limited run pack, and is a major Stride for the Genesis Witch theme.

Shiranui and Noroi are because they support Shiranui centric Decks, and the Reckless Rampage was an lower printed set than most.

As for regular reprints, the following are included

  • PR/0522 Succubus of Attachment
  • PR/0523 Wertiger Yaeger
  • BT11/074 Seal Dragon, Artpique (New Alternate Art)
  • BT13/053 Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki (New Alternate Art)
  • BT07/092 Dark Knight of Nightmareland (New Alternate Art)
  • BT05/077 Hysteric Shirley (New Alternate Art)

Succubus of Attachment and Wertiger Yaeger’s reprints are due to their nature as high utility cards that were previously limited release promo cards, and with increased support of Darkness, this is meant to deflat prices

Seal Dragon, Artpique is because of its nature as a generic Draw Trigger for his clan as well as being a Draw Trigger for his theme (Seal Dragons), who hasn’t seen reprinting in 3 years, despite being a Common.

Tempest Stealth Rogue, Fuuki is because of his utility as a generic Hand Bind card with low cost who hasn’t been reprinted in 3 years, despite being a Common.

Dark Knight of Nightmareland, while reprinted as Promos, has seen mass distribution for 4 to 5 years, and is a regularly used Critical for his Clan, Dark Irregulars.

Hysteric Shirley is basically the same reason as Dark Knight, she’s a regular and useful Draw Trigger for Dark Irregulars whose original print was aeons ago.


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