[COTD] [V-EB09] Pair of Spike Brothers

In a last ditch play, this Coyote uses everything to win.

V-EB09/025 R フレアブラスト・コヨーテ Flare Blast Coyote
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Dark Zone – Spike Brothers – Warbeast
Power 8000
Shield 5000
AUTO (RC) When it attacks, COST [Soul Blast 9], until end of that battle, this unit gets Power+30000 and your opponent cannot call sentinels from hand. At the end of that battle, put all of your rear-guards on the bottom of your deck in any order.

V-EB09/049 C エレベーション・ワイドアウト Elevation Wideout
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Dark Zone – Spike Brothers – Demon
Power 8000
Shield 10000
CONT (RC) If it is on a (RC) with a Force marker, this unit gets Power+10000.


I'm Boxshot.

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