[Weekly News Bits Z] The One with a Bermuda Triangle Trophy

With the wind down of the G era, Bushi focuses on Bermuda Triangle and the upcoming convention.

Triple Monsters x Cardfight!! Vanguard cross promotion.

Spring Caravan at Anime Japan 2018

Cardfight Vanguard Spring Caravan 2018, to be held across Japan and preconstructed Decks given out as presents.

Generation Master Cup Event

Anitere Vanguard G Z Event on April 1st to commemorate the finale of Vanguard G.

Register your tickets for the Vanguard x Buddyfight Convention today.

List of the events being held at the convention.


4000 Yen Supply Sets of  the 3 teams from Vanguard G NEXT. They can also be pre-ordered from March 30th to April 9th, and will be delivered in June.

Screenshots of Final Turn “Dimension Stride”.

TryThree defeat Gyze and save the world, and the episode ends with shooting stars.

Dimensional Over Stride

The bodies of humans and Units merge as one for real. This is opposed to Different World Ride (Diffride) which is the Astral form of a Unit “Riding” a Human.

The Extra Turn is about the G gang returning to their normal everyday lives.

Reminder there’s 6 Rubber Playmats for the Diva’s Festa.

Chouchou Deck Introduction

1 Zeroth Dragon of Distant Sea, Megiddo
2 Chouchou Popular Favor, Tirua
1 Chouchou Lively Icon, Ilia
4 Chouchou Headliner, Lapria
2 Perfect Performance, Ange
1 Festal Finale, Final Priscilla
2 Chouchou Cradle Lullaby, Milena (G Guardian)
2 Chouchou Engage Lead, Platy (G Guardian)
1 Blessed Sparkle, Sandy (G Guardian)

4 Chouchou Debut Stage, Tirua
3 Chouchou, Verne

4 Chouchou, Darina
4 Chouchou, Lirun
4 Chouchou, Ranfa

4 Chouchou, Sonia
4 Chouchou, Tino (Sentinel)
3 Chouchou, Schela
3 Chouchou, Irune

1 Chouchou, Amalia (First Vanguard)
4 Chouchou, Serah (Critical Trigger)
4 Chouchou, Roberta (Critical Trigger)
4 Chouchou, Meret (Draw Trigger)
4 Chouchou, Milena (Heal Trigger)

Mini Sleeves of the new Bermuda Triangle



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