Fall Forever! Deck Recipes for Booster Pack 07

Decks used by the prominent players of the second half of will+Dress Season 1.

未来を切り開く可能性の炎 The Flames of Possibility That Open A Path To The Future

A <<Dragon Empire>> Deck that fights by utilizing [XoverDress].
By using “Trickstar” and a <Prayer Dragon>, “XoverDress” into “Baur Vairina”.
“Baur Vairina” can Retire an opponent’s Rear-guard, and has a Single Drive! Combined with your Vanguard, you can continuously attack for a total of 3 Drive Checks!

Nation: Dragon Empire

Ride Deck:
4x Chakrabarthi Phoenix Dragon, Nirvana Jheva (V)
1x Snuggling Blaze Maiden, Reiyu (V)
1x Heart-pounding Blaze Maiden, Rino (V)
1x Surprise Egg (V)

Grade 3:
4x Flaring Cannon Equip, Baur Vairina
4x Brilliant Equip, Bram Vairina

Grade 2:
3x Steel Wall Equip, Biruz Vairina
4x Break Equip Dragon, Urbago

Grade 1:
4x Flash Equip Dragon, Bramahda
3x Sparkle Rejector Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4x Trickstar
4x Burning Flail Dragon (Critical)
3x Blaze Duel Monk, Sougyou (Critical)
4x Flare Veil Dragon (Draw)
4x Blaze Maiden, Leonie (Heal)
1x Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda (Over)

1x Elementaria Sanctitude (Sentinel)

燃え盛る四炎の魂 The Soul of Four Burning Flames

A <<Dark States>> Deck that fights by weakening the opponent’s Vanguard.
Hit the opponent’s Vanguard, whose power has been drastically weakened by Skills, with a brutal Attack backed by 2 Criticals to deal absolutely enormous damage in one blow!

Nation: Dark States

Ride Deck:
4x Demonic Jewel Dragon, Drajeweled (V)
1x Demonic Stone Dragon, Jewelneel (V)
1x Jewel Core Dragon (V)
1x Jewelias Dracokid (V)

Grade 4:
1x Diabolos, “Unrivaled” Bruce

Grade 3:
2x Heat Haze Acrobat, Miloslava
4x Demonic Jewel Dragon, Rystal Galer

Grade 2:
4x Demonic Stone Dragon, Rockargour
4x Amazement Magician

Grade 1:
4x Falcate Performer
3x Repelled Malice Dragon (Sentinel)
4x Brainwash Swirler

Grade 0:
4x Stem Deviate Dragon (Critical)
4x Scarlet Rampancy, Krenn (Critical)
3x Rouse Wildmaster, Riley (Draw)
4x Caper Companion (Heal)
1x Hades Dragon Deity of Resentment, Gallmageheld (Over)

1x Elementaria Sanctitude (Sentinel)

描かれる勝利への設計図 The Blueprints for Victory

A <<Brandt Gate>> Deck that fights by operating Product Set Orders.
Welstra and his employees at Blitz activate the operational capacity of their Products, which weaken the opponent’s Vanguard or break their board, while ultimately calling Mobile Fortress of Obliteration from the Order Zone to a Rear-guard Zone to overwhelm your opponent!

Nation: Brandt Gate

Ride Deck:
4x Blitz CEO, Welstra (V)
1x Blitz Technology Researcher, Uber (V)
1x Blitz Programmer, Strazer (V)
1x Blitz Mechanic, Warton (V)

Grade 2:
2x Blitz Secretary, Perphe
4x Blitz Engineer, Hoflio
1x Blitz Accounting Manager, Zoldeo

Grade 1:
4x Blitz Mechanic, Iskra
3x Planet Wall Dragon (Sentinel)
4x Detonation Mutant, Bobalmine

Grade 0:
4x Cardinal Draco, Enpyro (Front)
1x Heavy Machinery Conversion, Heavy Constalion (Front)
4x Ameliorate Connector (Draw)
2x Aberrant Gleam Dragon (Draw)
4x Alterate Sphere Dragon (Heal)
1x Star Dragon Deity of Infinitude, Eldobreath (Over)

1x Elementaria Sanctitude (Sentinel)
3x Mobile Fortress of Obliteration, Freischutz Maximum
4x Heavy Strike Cannon Fortress, Freischutz
1x Incandescent Flame Cannon, Abhasal

悲嘆の雨を吹き払う翠の嵐 The Emerald Storm That Blows Away The Rain of Grief

A <<Keter Sanctuary>> that uses a multitude of tactics with [RevolDress].
Use newly added “RevolForm” skills to increase your hand, shatte your opponent’s board and advance the game flow to your advantage!

Nation: Keter Sanctuary

Ride Deck:
4x Youthberk “Skyfall Arms”
1x Knight of Ardent Light, Youth
1x Determined to Break Away, Youth
1x Youth Following in Footsteps, Youth

Grade 3:
4x Youthberk “RevolForm: Tempest”
2x Youthberk “RevolForm: Gust”
2x Decisive Axe Dragon

Grade 2:
3x Knight of Rendering Flash, Cairbre
4x Knight of Piercing, Cadwalla

Grade 1:
4x Wayward Therapy Angel
4x Witch of Accumulation, Sequana
3x Palladium Zeal Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4x Blade Feather Dragon (Critical)
4x Variation Rigger Dragon (Critical)
3x Bard of Heavenly Song, Alpacc (Front)
4x Recuperate Angel (Heal)
1x Light Dragon Deity of Honors, Amartinoa (Over)

1x Elementaria Sanctitude (Sentinel)

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