[COTD] [V-EB07] Drill the Dual

Introducing the drill that’ll make your opponent drop cards double time.

V-EB07/027 R ドリル・ザ・デュアル Drill the Dual
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Star Gate – Nova Grappler – Battleroid
Power 8000
Shield 10000
AUTO (RC) When it boosts, COST [Discard a card from hand], and for this turn, during the battle the unit that this unit boosted attacks, when your opponent would call guardians from his or her hand, he or she must call two or more at the same time. (Including this battle)

IMRs from V-EB06 Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction

  • Aichi Sendou as IMR Messianic Lord Blaster.
  • Kourin Tatsunagi as IMR Blaster Arrow.
  • Kouji Ibuki as IMR Blaster Blade.
  • Misaki Tokura as IMR Blaster Rapier.
  • Naoki Ishida as IMR Blaster Javelin.
  • Shingo Komoi as IMR Blaster Dagger.


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