Dominate Official Reveal!

Are you ready to dominate the competition?

The new skill that turns the common sense of Vanguard on its head, “Dominate”, has arrived!

In both the Trial Deck and Booster Pack released on Friday June 9th, Nubatama’s new skill “Dominate” appears!

What is Nubatama’s new skill, “Dominate”?! Choose an opponent’s unit, Stand it, and force it to attack another opposing unit!!

“Demon Stealth Dragon, Shiranui ‘Oboro”s” “Dominate”

1. Fighter A Strides into “Atagolord” from “Shiranui ‘Oboro’.” “Shiranui ‘Oboro”s Stride Skill activates. Fighter A chooses Fighter B’s “History Maker Dragon” as the Dominate target!

2. Fighter B stands the targeted “History Maker Dragon”, and forces it to attack another unit selected by Fighter A!

3. The user of the Dominate ability can use the skills of the dominated unit by paying the cost! In this case, since “History Maker Dragon” is attacking the vanguard, if Fighter A pays the cost of CB1, they may time leap one of their own rear-guards!

There will be many other units with powerful Dominate abilities in Booster 11. Try to master “Dominate” yourself!!

“Dominate” FAQs
*The player using the Dominate ability will be referred to as the “Dominant fighter”. This was transcribed to be easily readable as opposed to a direct translation of the Q&A

  • ┬áDominate is a 5 step process
    1. Select effect target
    2. Opponent stands it, and it becomes dominated
    3. Dominated unit attacks other unit selected by dominant fighter, battle occurs
    4. Dominant fighter may use any skills of attacking unit that occur during battle (by paying cost)
    5. If there are no longer units that can attack, they are no longer dominated, and turn flow returns to the phase the dominate skill was activated. If there are other dominated units, and that unit(s) stand, return to step 3.
  • Opponent still controls unit, makes it attack, etc. Dominant fighter simply chooses what unit is dominated and what unit is attacked.
  • Usable battle skills also include end-of-battle skills
  • You can still attack the opponent’s vanguard with a dominated back row unit
  • Guarding a Dominated attack proceeds as normal, and G-Guards can be used if both players’ Vanguards are G3 or higher.
  • A dominated unit cannot intercept.
  • A dominated unit cannot boost nor be boosted.
  • When dominating multiple units, all units are dominated simultaneously and lose domination simultaneously. The attacks themselves proceed one by one until there is no longer a unit that can attack.
  • A dominated unit cannot attack another dominated unit (with the current skills), as dominated units are not considered “opposing units” while dominated.
  • Battles involving dominated units count towards the number of battles in a turn.
  • You cannot delay dominate attacks; in the example of Kingokutenbu, once the skill is activated, you must use the dominated unit to attack before attacking with other units
  • Dominate attacks trigger “at the start of attack step” abilities but not “at the start of battle phase” abilities
  • Returning to the Main Phase after a dominated unit’s attack during the Main Phase is not “starting a new main phase”
  • Units counting numbers of rear-guards count your rear-guards when checking “your rear-guards”; additionally, if all of your opponent’s rear-guards are dominated, it would count as your opponent having 0 rear-guards
  • This also means that units looking for a certain vanguard name will not work if your vanguard does not have that name
  • Conditions such as Brave check the dominant fighter
  • When your dominated unit is locked, it is temporarily bound and recalled to your opponent’s side of the field, and is no longer dominated. This is because when it is locked, it is treated as “your opponent’s locked card” rather than “your locked card”
  • Oboro’s +4000 lasts even after the initial Dominate
  • In the case of dominating Melem, it returns to the opponent’s deck but the dominant player can still call a G0 to one of their rear-guard circles
  • If you dominate Death Spray Dragon and another unit, you may retire the second unit for Death Spray Dragon’s skill
  • You cannot retire an attacking dominated unit with its own “on attack, retire 1 opposing rear-guard” skill
  • You cannot move dominated units to other circles
  • Dominated units are treated as being in the rows from your point of view – so a unit in your opponent’s left column is treated as being in your right column
  • Units with Restraint cannot be forced to attack via Dominate
  • If you dominate both History Maker Dragon and Ur-Watar:
    Ur-Watar goes to the opponent’s Bind Zone via Time Leap, and the dominant player calls a Grade 1 unit from their deck. Then, Ur-Watar returns to its owner’s deck, the dominant player draws 2 cards and returns 1 to their deck.


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