[Dokovan] [Promo] Few Scissors Angel & Illuminating Dragon, Parasalamp

Some more promos after a week of COTD promos!

V-PR/0428 ヒューシザーズ・エンジェル Few Scissors Angel
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Angel Feather – Angel
Power 8000
Shield 10000
[AUTO](RC):When placed, if your damage zone has a normal unit, COST [Soul Blast (1)], put the top card of your deck into your damage zone, and put a face up normal unit from your damage zone on the top of your deck.

V-PR/0429 点灯竜 パラサランプ Illuminating Dragon, Parasalamp
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Tachikaze – Dinodragon
Power 8000
Shield 10000
[AUTO](RC):When placed, COST [[Rest] this unit], and put three cards from the top of your deck face down as equip gauge for this unit.

Kyrus Darkblade

Ponders on how to make Link Joker great again

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