Dokodemo Neo October 6th, 2022

Let’s defy even the most corrupt warriors of Heaven!

Dokodemo Vanguard NEO this week covers

5 cards for the “Defy the Heavens” Theme centered on Grade 3 Binah

Lore this week is for Dragon Empire!

Eugene is a top class member of Dragon Empire’s Special Forces, “Narukami”, who wields his favorite gun “Inferno”. His gun’s official title is the Hieru HFR40GDS Desert Special. A member of the group known as the “Desert Gunners”, who work in the South-Central Desert of Dragon Empire, hunting bounties. His latest targets are from Dark States, the smuggling organization “Vivit” who smuggle Irregulars.

Defy the Heavens
Grade 0 / Set Order / Monster Strike
EVENT (If there are two or more [EVENT] cards in your order zone, put them into your drop until you have one card remaining)
[CONT]Order Zone:All of your cards with “Michael” or “Camael” or “Ramiel” or “Raphael” or “Gabriel” or “Zadkiel” or “Binah” or “Uriel” or “Sandalphon” or “Lucifer” or “Metatron” in their card names become “Guardian of Heaven”.
[ACT]Order Zone[1/turn]:[COST][Put one “Guardian of Heaven” rear-guard into Monster BOX face up], choose a unit card from your Monster BOX with a different card name from the card that was put for the cost of this ability and a grade equal to or less than your vanguard, and call it to (RC).

Booster Trial Events are on-going!

夢の世界を守護する者 ラミエル Dream World Defender, Ramiel
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Monster Strike – Fairy
Power 8000
Shield 5000
AUTO [Drop]: When your Main Phase begins, if you have a “Guardian of Heaven” Vanguard, and you have no Units with “Ramiel” in its card name, COST [Soul Blast (1)], Call this card to (RC). (If you have 2 or more copies of this card in your Drop, you can Call 1).

孤独を包む音楽の大天使 サンダルフォン Loneliness-Wrapping Music Archangel, Sandalphon
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Monster Strike – Fairy
Power 10000
Shield 5000
CONT (RC): If there is a “Archangel of the Covenant & Underworld, Metatron” on your (RC), this Unit cannot be chosen by your opponent’s card effects.
AUTO (RC): When this Unit attacks, COST [Soul Blast (1)], choose 1 of your other Units, during that turn, it gains Power+5000.

聖約と冥約の大天使 メタトロン Archangel of the Covenant & Underworld, Metatron
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Monster Strike –
Power 10000
Shield 5000
CONT (RC): During your turn, if there’s a “Loneliness-Wrapping Music Archangel, Sandalphon” on your (RC), this Unit gains Power+5000.
ACT (VC/RC) 1/Turn: COST [Counter Blast (1), Rest this Unit], choose 1 of your Unit Cards in your Monster BOX, Call it to (RC). If your Vanguard is a Grade 3 or higher “Guardian of Heaven”, Stand this Unit.

聖なる癒しを与えし大天使 ラファエル Holy Healing Archangel, Raphael
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Monster Strike – Fairy
Power 13000
AUTO (RC): When a battle where this Unit attacks ends, if your Vanguard is a “Guardian of Heaven”, COST [Counter Blast (1)], choose 1 of your Back-row Rear-guards, except “Holy Healing Angel, Raphael”, Stand it, and exchange places with this Unit.

新生なる希望の器 ビナー Vessel of Newborn Hope, Binah
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Monster Strike – Fairy
Power 13000
CONT (VC): During your turn, if your opponent’s Vanguard is Grade 3 or higher, all of your “Guardian of Heaven” Rear-guards gain Power+5000.
ACT (VC) 1/Turn: COST [Soul Blast (2)], look at the top 7 cards of your Deck, choose up to 2 “Guardian of Heaven” Unit Cards among them, reveal them, Call 1 of them to (RC), place the other face-up in the Monster BOX, then shuffle your Deck.

Previous Cards That Work Well With This Event!

“Spectacular Guardian of the Paradise, Gabriel”
“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Uriel”
“Bringer of Light, Lucifer”
“Sephiroth of Hope, Binah”

Monster Strike Volume 2 goes on sale October 21st, 2022

The DokoVan Cup is happening soon on October 13th, 2022.

All Participants get a PR Critical Trigger themed on DokoVan! Neo’s 1st Anniversary

You can also potentially get a Critical Marker!

4 Man Tournaments will grant another Critical Trigger to participants!

Winners get a Critical Marker!

Tin Cap Badges using Post Card Illustrations!
There’s also a chance to get a Rubber Playmat of the 1st Anniversary!

Next Week’s Weekly News Bits will cover…

DokoVan! Neo Event News!

Cards from the “Five Swords Under Heaven” Series in Title Booster “Monster Strike” Vol. 2

After Report of the Osaka DELUXE Event!

“Steam Fighter, Balih” & “Steam Breath Dragon” from the Choronjet Stride Deckset!

Next Week will cover “Adbhuta” from Monster Strike Volume 2, specifically six cards related to his strategy! Adbhuta seems to involve Standing the Vanguard…!?

Also, lore will cover a card from Dark States!

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