[DokoDemo NEO] Dark Dimensional Robo, “Яeverse” Daiyusha!

Its V Incarnation finally arrives!

“That robot” appears!


Super Dimensional Robo, Daizaurus
Dimensional Robo, Daidumper
Dimensional Robo, Daijacker

Dark Dimensional Robo, “Яeverse” Daiyusha
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Star Gate – Dimension Police – Battleroid
Power 13000
Gift: Force
AUTO [Hand]: When a battle ends in whch your Grade 3 or higher Vanguard with “Dimensional Robo” in its card name attacked, if all of the Units that attacked this turn had “Dimensional Robo” in their card names, COST [Counter Blast (1)], Ride this card at Stand, during that turn, this card loses Drive-1, also you cannot Ride by card effects.
[ACT] [(VC)] 1/Turn: COST [Lock 2 of your “Dimensional Robo” Rear-guards], choose 1 of your opponent’s Vanguards, during that turn, it loses Power-10000.

“Яeverse” Daiyusha: By Turn 3!

1. Ride Daikaizer from Kaizard to gain 2 Gifts!

2. Raise Power with Daiprop et al, use the ability of Daizaurus, to increase Drive and erase Rear-guards.

3. Superior Ride “Яeverse” Daiyusha, and Call Daikaiser to a Rear-guard Circle! Aim for a grand total of 5 attacks!

Attack with your Vanguard Three Times! “Яeverse” Daiyusha: On Turn 4!

1. If you haven’t Rode, use the effect of Daiprop, to Boost for a 45000+ Power Attack!

2. Use the effect of Great Daiyusha to Superior Ride!

4. Superior Ride using the effect of “Яeverse” Daiyusha!

Next week will be “Dragonic Overlord “The Яe-birth””!

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