Doko Demo: July 28th, 2022

It’s Summer!!!!!!!!!!! (I am late, I know) (I am still stuck on 28th July)

Doko-Van 42, 28th July 2022 includes:

Cards used by Yuyu in the Anime

Generic support cards for Stoicheia

Guest for the stream included Yumi Terasaka from VANGIRLS

Reading mails with the topic “What comes to mind when you hear Summer Festival?”

Vanguard ZERO Special News Rush!

Doko-Van Summer Festival Special Day 01 Begins!

You thought of swimsuits because it’s summer?? But it was Yukata!!

Postcard for the month of August

Planet Cray Expedition Research Report: File no 18

Name: Orfist Regis

Race: Cyber Golem

Nation: Brandt Gate


“During the battle that took place against an enemy from another world during the “Night”. Orfist is said to have put a complete halt at that fight in the “Night”. The magnified power of “Karma” is the reason for the current form of Orfist Regis.  It’s official name is “Cardinal Dominus, Orfist Regis”. Cardinal is the name of Link Joker’s special forces that uses the research of “Coffins” found in the underground of planet Brandt and use them as weapons. BTW, Orfist can change its appearance to a SD (Super Deformed) form.

Will-Dress episodes from 1 to 4 were aired on 08:00 PM 29-July-2022 for premium membership users

There was a watchalong with Maeda Seiji and Mano Takumi on Twitter Live

Explanation of “XoverDress”

You need a “Trickstar” and <Prayer Dragon> for Xover Dress.
The new Nirvana allows you to get both of the needed cards with its skill so that you don’t lose card advantage.

Equip Barrier Dragon,  Bliskir

G1 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Prayer Dragon

AUTO: During your opponent’s turn, if this card’s Outer Dress is retired from the (RC) or (GC), you may COST [Soul-Blast 2] to call this card on an open (RC)

Armed Great Wall, Blizvairna

G2 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Talisman

XoverDress – “Trikstar” and 1 <Prayer Dragon> each. (Instead of normal calling it, you may stack the 2 mentioned cards underneath this unit and call it)

AUTO: When this unit is placed on (RC) in XoverDress state, You may choose 1 card with XoverDress ability except “Armed Great Wall, Blizvalerina” from your drop zone and add it to your hand

CONT (RC): If this card is in XoverDress state, your opponent cannot choose this card for other card’s abilities, and this card gains Power [+5000] and Shield [+10000]

Performing Petal, Diantha

G1 / Normal Unit / Stoicheia – Bioroid

AUTO: When this unit is placed on (RC) from hand, if your vanguard is grade 3 or greater, you may COST [Counter-Blast 1] choose 1 grade 3 or lower from your drop zone and call it to (RC)

CONT (RC): During your turn, if your backrow has 2 or more grade 1 or lower rearguard, this unit gains Power [+5000]

The new booster pack “Blazing Dragon Reborn” went on sale on 5th August 2022

Month End Twitter Present Campaign for Vanguard ZERO. A max number of 10 people may win this by following the official Twitter and tweeting about Doko-Van. How many players will get this present was decided by a summer festival-style shooting game. (Spoiler alert: Maeda is a sniper class player)

Leon’s birthday was on 1st August

There is a birthday set sale in-game, which includes 1050 gems and character medals

A title that says “Souryu Leon’s Fan” and Emblem can be exchanged with the character medals

A special voice message from Leon

Log-in bonus and special furniture for My Room

Fighters Collection 02 for all clans includes only RR and above rarity.

Boosts the “Strides” of all clans

Available for the month of August

Some of the included cards are as above

A special paid pack was available in ZERO for Fighters collection 02 allowing you to exchange for Try 3 RRRs or GRs

Haneyama Urara and Hoshiba Raika Fight Skins in ZERO available from 1st August after the update

Urara can be used with:

Neo Nectar

Great Nature

Mega Colony

Gran Blue

Aqua Force

Raika can be used with:

Royal Paladin

Oracle Think Tank

Angel Feather

Shadow Paladin

Gold Paladin


Fighters Collection getting a limited Re-run in the month of August

New Rank Fight Season “The True Zodiac Beasts” Starting from 1st August to 15th August

PR Card is Chronojet Dragon G with new art

New sleeves of Clotenus, Verano, and Chronojet Dragon G

Daily Login Bonus for Summer Sleeves of the cast

Tournament Info for August

  1. Fighters Cup on 11th August: All clans can be used. The top 2 players from the Fighters Cup will be allowed to participate on day 1 of the Summer Cup 2022
  2. The Eve of Summer Cup 2022 on 20th August: All clans can be used. The top 2 Players from this tournament will also be allowed to participate on day 1 of the Summer Cup 2022. This is the last chance to get entry into Summer Cup 2022.
  3. Summer Cup 2022 Day 1 starts from 21st August for the whole week, it will be streamed live on Youtube.
  4. Summer Cup 2022 Day 2 starts from 28th August: the Finals of the tournament.

Top 3 of the tournament will get the real-life Luard playmat

All Participants get a special PR card of Luard (Top 4 get the card with special markings)

Doko-Van on 8th August 2022 Summer Festival Day 2!

Cards from Lyrical Monasterio with “Powerful” ability

Mail theme “A concept that you can’t live without”

Nak vs Maeda: Real Fights of MEN series season 2, “Yoyo scooping battle”…

what are they up to now…

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