[News] Bermuda Triangle Cup 2018 Final Stage

Japan’s last major event with Bermuda Triangle for this year. And some news about upcoming product.

The Finalists

A reminder on how G Era Bermudas work if Standard has erased your memory of G Standard.

The Finals

The Anime

Colorful Pastrale from Bermuda Triangle will air January 2019

It’s pretty much “Watch a new Mermaid Idol group” in their day-to-day events, in a far-off part of the Planet Cray premise. See your standard Idol or Bang Dream sorta series.


She is one four daughters in her family. Even though she cares about everyone, she tends to hold back when it comes to herself.


A country girl who came to the big city for certain reasons. Despite being rather polite, civil and obedient, she has her moments where she’s extremely blunt.


A gentle and kind girl who loves to make sweets and sew clothes. Together with Serena in ShellSis, she’s the younger sister-like one of the two.


A calm and firm girl. However, she’s anxious about her clumsiness. She’s the older sister-like member of ShellSis, alongside Fina.


An energetic and unconventional, uninhibited girl who’s the life of the party. She’s usually the one to get things rolling, she likes to make sure everyone is happy.

Official Website is Up

Source Material: Bushiroad

Character Design Draft: Fujima Takuya

Director: Nishimura Juni

Series Composition: Yokote Michiko

Character Design: 橋本貴吉

Animation Studio: Seven Arcs Pictures

Vanguard Anime News

The Vanguard anime will begin the High School Story arc starting in November 2018, in which Aichi goes to Miyagi High School, meets Naoki and Shingo, and gets dragged into more supernatural nonsense.

Card Game News

November 2018

  • Extra Booster: Genesis, Gear Chronicle, Great Nature
  • Trial Deck: Oracle Think Tank, Narukami

December 2018

  • Booster Pack: Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Gold Paladin, Narukami, Nubatama

January 2019

  • Trial Deck: Link Joker
  • Booster Pack: Link Joker, Shadow Paladi, Dark Irregulars, Pale Moon, Murakumo

February 2019

  • Trial Deck: Bermuda Triangle

March 2019

  • Extra Booster: Bermuda Triangle

  • Accel: Great Nature, Narukami
  • Force: Geneso, Gear Chronicle, Bermuda Triangle, Link Joker
  • Protect: Nubatama

Smartphone Game News

The Vanguard Smartphone Game “Cardfight!! Vanguard Zero” will be on demonstration at Tokyo Gameshow 2018. The game is on schedule to be released in Winter 2018.

Those that participate in trying Vanguard ZERO get a special Force Gift Marker

On September 20th, 2018, there will be a Vanguard ZERO Special Stage

Event News

The “Vanguard & Buddyfight Ultra Big Card Fest” 2019 event will be held May 3rd and 4th 2019 at the Tokyo Big Site

Upcoming events in Japan for Winter 2018


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