[Deck Summaries] Record of Ragnarok & SHAMAN KING

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A “Brunhilde” Deck that calls <Humanity> and <Valkyrie> from the Deck and Drop Zone.
This Deck fights by powering up its summoned allies.
With standard tactics, it’s an ideal Deck for beginners and intermediate players.

Lü Bu Fengxian

A “Lu Bu” Deck that strikes down the opponent forces with a single attack.
This Deck by using Volundr with “Randgriz”, super charge the power of the Vanguard!
If you enjoy brute force tactics, this is a Deck for intermediate to advanced players!


An “Adam” Deck that fights by uniting the power of Humanity!
This Deck, by Arming “Reginleif” as the Volundr, you’ll be able to see through your opponent’s attacks!
By fighting with a balanced combination of offense and defense, this is an ideal Deck for Beginners and Intermediate players!

Kojiro Sasaki

A “Kojiro Sasaki” Deck that gets stronger the longer the fight goes on.
This Deck, by Arming “Frist” with Volundr, your Vanguard can attack multiple times!
By fighting slowly and toying with the opponent, this is a Deck recommended only for advanced players!


A “Thor” Deck that pulverizes your opponent with a single strike.
This Deck Retires the opponent’s Rear-guards with Skills, while powering up the Vanguard, you’ll be able to swing the hammer into your opponent’s skull with a powerful attack that can’t be Guarded.
You can enjoy the brute force tactics of this Deck’s strategy, making it an ideal Deck for beginners and intermediate players!


A “Zeus” Deck that aims for victory with an unstoppable barrage.
This Deck calls “Zeus” to the Rea-rguard as well, and aims for a dizzying set of multiple attacks with “Zeus” backed by high Power!
Thanks to its ability to attack aggressively early on to quickly settle games, this is a perfect Deck for beginners and intermediate players.


A “Poseidon” Deck that fights by sacrificing your other allies!
This Deck powers up the Vanguard by Retiring Allies!
Fight with a super powerful Vanguard, making it an ideal Deck for intermediate and advanced players.

Yoh Asakura

A “Yoh Asakura” Deck enhanced from what it was in Title Booster 3: “SHAMAN KING” Vol. 1.
By having “Yoh Asakura” and “Amidamaru” perform an Over Soul, you can power up yourself and your allies, allowing you to wipe out the opponent’s front row with the power of “Spirit of Sword”!

Tao Ren

A “Tao Ren” Deck powered up from how it was during Title Booster 3: “SHAMAN KING” Vol. 1.
By having “Tao Ren” and “Bason” Over Soul, Retire a vast number of opponent Rear-guards, while massively powering up yyour Vanguard!

Lyserg Daithel

A “Lyserg” Deck that uses an unusual Drive Check to draw targeted cards!
By having “Lyserg” and “Morphine” Over Soul, you can add their Exclusive Order to the hand so you can power them up!
Drive Check the top 2 cards of your Deck, and if you draw a Trigger Card, you can use the skill of their exclusive order to power up your allies!

Chocolove McDaniel

A “Chocolove” Deck that specializes in continuous attacks with the Vanguard.
By having “Chocolove” and “Mick” Over Soul, you can seal Intercept, and weaken the opponent Vanguard’s power!
By lowering the opponent Vanguard’s Power, attack in a flash with multiple consecutive attack!

Iron Maiden Jeanne

A “Maiden” Deck that launches a flurry of attacks with a powered-up Shamash.
By having “Jeanne” & “Shamash” Oversoul, when the Vanguard attacks, you can call Shamash from the Soul and power it up!
Fight by supporting the “X-LAWS” using her exclusive Orders!


A “Hao” Deck that launches powerful attacks with Vanguards with super charged Power and “Spirit of Fire”.
Have “Hao” & “Spirit of Fire” Over Soul, you can power up the Vanguard!
By binding 3 of your alloes, you can Call “Spirit of Fire” from the Soul or Drop, then consume the opponent from the back row!

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