[Deck Recipes] “PSYQualia Struggle”

Of lists for the two super bosses of the main hero clans.

暗き世界をかき消す光 The Light That Erased The Dark World

A 《Royal Paladin》 Deck whose ace is “Exculpate the Blaster”.
Battle with all of your opponent’s Units and seize victory!
The brilliant recollection envelops the entire world!

Grade 4

3 Exculpate the Blaster V-MB01/001

Grade 3

4 King of Knights, Alfred V-BT01/001
2 Alfred Early V-MB01/007
1 Soul Saver Dragon V-BT01/005

Grade 2
2 Sage of Salvation, Benon V-MB01/003
1 Blaster Blade V-TD01/004
3 Blaster Blade V-MB01/008
4 High Dog Breeder, Akane V-BT01/006

Grade 1
Little Sage, Marron V-BT01/014
2 Sage of Guidance, Zenon V-MB01/004
4 Pongal V-BT01/027
4 Knight Squire, Allen V-TD01/008
2 Wingal V-TD01/007

Grade 0
1 Glyme V-MB01/025B (First Vanguard)
4 Bringer of Good Luck, Epona V-MB01/026B (Critical Trigger)
4 Flogal V-MB01/027B (Critical Trigger)
4 Flash Shield, Iseult V-BT01/015 (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine V-MB01/029B (Heal Trigger)

旧き時代を超えし龍 The Dragon That Transcends Ancient Times

A 《Kagero》 Deck that has “Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague” as its ace card.
Settle the game by sealing all Triggers!
Rejoice at the birth of a new era!

Grade 4
4 Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague V-MB01/002

Grade 3
1 Dragongic Waterfall V-BT01/003
1 Dragonic Overlord V-TD02/001
3 Dragonic Overlord V-MB01/010

Grade 2
4 Berserk Dragon V-BT01/010
4 Dragon Knight, Nehalem V-MB01/011
4 Nouvellecritic Dragon V-MB01/005

Grade 1
4 Flame of Hope, Aermo V-BT01/011
3 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr V-MB01/012
2 Nouvelleroman Dragon V-MB01/006
3 Lizard Soldier, Raopia 3 V-BT01/036

Grade 0
1 Lizard Runner, Undeux V-MB01/032B (First Vanguard)
4 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr V-MB01/033B (Critical Trigger)
4 Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa V-MB01/034B (Critical Trigger)
4 Wyvern Guard, Barri V-BT01/021 (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Dragon Monk, Genjo V-MB01/036B (Heal Trigger)

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