[Deck Recipes] D-BT04 Official Deck Recipes

Let’s ring in the Chakrabarthi era with Grade 4s!

勝利のオーバードレス!! Winning overDress!!

A <<Dragon Empire>> Deck that fights using further evolved overDress tactics.
By using the ultra powerful skills of the two Grade 4 Units “Nirvana” and “Vairina”, paving the way to victory!

Ride Line:
1 Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon, Nirvana (Grade 3)
1 Blaze Maiden, Reiyu (Grade 2)
1 Blaze Maiden, Rino (Grade 1)
1 Sunrise Egg (Grade 0) (First Vanguard)

Grade 4:
2 Vairina Esperaridea
4 Chakrabarthi True Dragon, Mahar Nirvana

Grade 3:
2 Vairina Exspecta
2 Vairina Valiente

Grade 2:
4 Vairina Arcs
1 Vairina

Grade 1:
3 Blaze Pole Monk, Retsuji
4 Blaze Maiden, Ximena
4 Twin Buckler Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4 Trickstar
4 Burning Flail Dragon (Critical Trigger)
4 Blaze Maiden, Parama (Front Trigger)
3 Blaze Fist Monk, Nikko (Front Trigger)
4 Blaze Maiden, Rona (Heal Trigger)
1 Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda (Over Trigger)

贖罪の絶勝 Splendor of Atonement

A <<Dark States>> Deck that’s strengthened its Final Rush tactics by adding Grade 4s.
Let’s release all of your accumulated power and decide the fight with six super powerful attacks!

Ride Line:
1 Diabolos, “Violence” Bruce (Grade 3)
1 Diabolos, “Anger” Richard (Grade 2)
1 Diabolos, “Bad” Steve (Grade 1)
1 Diabolos, “Innocent” Matt (Grade 0) (First Vanguard)

Grade 4:
4 Diabolos, “Unrivaled” Bruce

Grade 3:
4 Diabolos Striker, Bryan
4 Upward Acrobat, Marjorie

Grade 2:
3 Diabolos Striker, Lyle
4 Diabolos Returner, Deryck

Grade 1:
4 Surveillance Gear Dober
4 Recusal Hate Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4 Rouse Wildmaster, Riley (Draw Trigger)
3 Diabolos Boys, Jake (Draw Trigger)
4 Diabolos Girls, Natalia (Front Trigger)
4 Diabolos Girls, Arianna (Heal Trigger)
1 Hades Dragon Deity of Resentment, Gallmageheld (Over Trigger)

3 Pandemonium Tactics (Normal Order)

銀河をかける烈姫 The Fierce Princess Soaring Across The Galaxy

A <<Brandt Gate>> Deck that has the power to send various criminals to prison, including their Rear-guards!
Arrest your opponent’s hand Soul, and then swing down the hammer of justice with your supercharged allies by your side!

Ride Line:
4 Aurora Battle Princess, Seraph Snow (Grade 3)
1 Aurora Battle Princess, Risatt Pink (Grade 2)
1 Aurora Battle Princess, Kyanite Blue (Grade 1)
1 Aurora Battle Princess, Ruby Red (Grade 0) (First Vanguard)

Grade 4:
4 Aurora Fierce Princess, Seraph Purelight

Grade 2:
4 Aurora Battle Princess, Cuff Spring
4 Aurora Battle Princess, Accuse Machalite

Grade 1:
4 Aurora Battle Princess, Suppress Gleamer
4 Hyperspeed Robo, Chevalstud
4 Violate Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4 Patrol Robo, Dekarcop (Critical Trigger)
3 Aurora Battle Princess, Lourus Yellow (Critical Trigger)
4 Ameliorate Connector (Draw Trigger)
4 Aurora Battle Princess, Treuse Green (Heal Trigger)
1 Star Dragon Deity of Infinitude, Eldobreath (Over Trigger)

2 Moment of Capture! Aurora Battle Princess 24-hr Coverage! (Grade 2)
1 Galaxy Central Prison, Galactolus (Grade 1)

天を斬り裂く勝利の剣 The Sword of Victory That Tears Apart The Heavens

A top heavy <<Keter Sanctuary>> Deck chock full of Grade 3 Units using them for its strategies.
Using Triple Drive will let you pull out Grade 3 cards, and by gathering a large number of Grade 3, you’ll be able to strengthen them, and grasp victory with a super-powerful continuous swarm of attacks!

Ride Line:
1 Apex Ruler, Bastion (Grade 3)
1 Knight of Heavenly Spear, Rooks (Grade 2)
1 Knight of Heavenly Sword, Fort (Grade 1)
1 Knight of Heavenly Bows, Base (Grade 0) (First Vanguard)

Grade 4:
4 Apex-surpassing Sword, Bastion Prime

Grade 3:
3 Heavenly Halberd of Solicitation, Colunvoke
3 Heavenly Arrow of Sure-hit, Sparare
4 Heavenly Shock of Distinction, Lagrele
4 Grand Heavenly Sword, Alden
4 Knight of Broadaxe, Rafluke

Grade 1:
4 Aegismare Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4 Blade Feather Dragon (Critical Trigger)
3 Knight of Heavenly Hammer, Gurgant (Critical Hammer)
4 Protection Magic, Prorobi (Draw Trigger)
4 Healer of Heavenly Staff, Arshes (Heal Trigger)
1 Light Dragon Deity of Honors, Amartonia (Over Trigger)

4 Pride to Protect (Set Order)

憧れの向こう側 The Grass Always Looks Greener

An aggro <<Stoicheia>> Deck whose tactics which strengthen its allies and attack the opponent with a breadth of continuous attacks.
It’s a Deck that uses its skills to fight both offensively and defensively by attacking with a wave of attacks from your powered up allies, while Intercepting from the backrow!

Ride Line:
1 Sylvan Horned Beast King, Magnolia (Grade 3)
1 Sylvan Horned Beast, Lattice (Grade 2)
1 Sylvan Horned Beast, Charis (Grade 1)
1 Sylvan Horned Beast, Lotte (Grade 0) (First Vanguard)

Grade 4:
4 Sylvan Horned Beast Emperor, Magnolia Elder

Grade 3:
4 Blue Artillery Dragon, Inlet Pulse Dragon

Grade 2:
4 Sylvan Horned Beast, Panthero
3 Sylvan Horned Beast, Gabregg
4 Sylvan Horned Beast, Giunosla
3 Sylvan Horned Beast, Enpix

Grade 1:
4 Planar Prevent Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4 Aspiring Maiden, Alana (Critical Trigger)
4 Sylvan Horned Beast, Jackalope (Critical Trigger)
3 Serene Maiden, Lena (Draw Trigger)
4 Sylvan Horned Beast, Zlatorog (Heal Trigger)
1 Source Dragon Deity of Blessings, Blessfavor (Over Trigger)

4 Wild Intelligence (Normal Order)

その手に宿すのは、決意の象徴・拒絶の引き金 In The Hand Is… A Symbol of Determination, or A Trigger of Rejection

A <<Dragon Empie>> Deck that centers around Bavsargra and her newest Arms Cards.
By being able to equip two Arms from the third turn onwards, Bavsargra’s powerful skill lets her decimate the opponent’s board, while she reigns over the battlefield in total with incredible firepower by Dress Boost.

Ride Line:
4 Sealed Blaze Maiden, Bavsargra (Grade 3)
1 Sealed Blaze Dragon, Halibadra (Grade 2)
1 Sealed Blaze Dragon, Namorkahr (Grade 1)
1 Sealed Blaze Dragon, Arhinsa (Grade 0) (First Vanguard)

Grade 3:
4 Sealed Blaze Dragon, Adarla

Grade 2:
4 Twin Bullet of Dust Storm, Travis
2 Blaze Maiden, Tanya

Grade 1:
2 Sealed Blaze Dragon, Ihsita
4 Twin Buckler Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4 Trickmoon
4 Burning Flail Dragon (Critical Trigger)
4 Conduct Spark Dragon (Critical Trigger)
3 Flare Veil Dragon (Draw Trigger)
4 White Light Dragon, Parasolace (Heal Trigger)
1 Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda (Over Trigger)

4 Sealed Blaze Spear, Aadhitya (Normal Order/Arms)
1 Sealed Blaze Gun, Chandra (Normal Order/Arms)
1 Sealed Blaze Sword, Prithivih (Normal Order/Arms)
1 Sealed Blaze Shield, Swayanbuh (Normal Order/Arms)

















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