[Deck Recipe Links] V Clan Collection Volumes 5 & 6

Let’s reach the end of the war with Link Joker!

Royal Paladin: 光を覆い尽くす悪意の闇 The Dark Malice That Covers The Light

A Яeverse Unit appears for the <<Royal Paladin>> “Jewel Knight” that grow stronger via the Clan Selection and Clan Collection Series! Retire your opponent’s Rear-guards, whittle away their resources, while press for victory with continuous attacks with ally Rear-guards!

Oracle Think Tank: 咎人へ向ける慈悲なき弾丸 A Merciless Bullet Aimed At The Guilty

An <<Oracle Think Tank>> Deck that fight with “Battle Sister” Units. Assemble various different “Battle Sister”, manipulating a huge amount of your Deck, and aim to Get Triggers!

Genesis: 擁かれしは母なる内海 What Embraces You Is The Mother Ocean

A <<Genesis>> Deck that fights with “Divine Equip Gauge”. Protect your Rear-guards from your opponent’s Skills, while also using skills offensively, such as direct damage and high-powered attacks. Let’s enjoy offensive and defensive tactics!

Kagero: 秩序を塵と化す炎の咆哮 The Roar of Flames That Turn Order Into Dust

A <<Kagero>> Deck that fights utilizing “Overlord” Units. By combining the skills of “Dragonic Overlord “The X”” with “Dragonic Overlord “The Яe-birth”” or “Dragonic Overlord The End”, to aim for 3 multiple attacks against the Vanguard!

Murakumo: 式神を操る少女 The Girl Who Controls Shikigami

A <<Murakumo>> Deck that fights with “Stealth Fiend” Units. “Shikigami Tamer, Ryougi” and the two Stealth Fiends they’ve tamed, aim for multiple attacks!

Narukami: 暗黒の暗闇に燃え上がる、漆黒の炎 A Jet-Black Flame Burning in the Deepest Darkness

A <<Narukami>> Deck whose ace is “Eradicator, Vowing Sword Dragon”. By constantly binding the opponent’s cards, massively super charge your Units!

Dimension Police: 偉大なる皇帝の力 Might of the Great Emperor

A <<Dimension Police>> Deck whose ace is “Dark Dimensional Robo, “Яeverse” Daiyusha”. By using “Dimensional Robo” to Superior Ride, aim for continuous attacks with the Vanguard!

Spike Brothers: 最大×最大=圧倒的破壊力 Maximum x Maximum – Overwhelming Destructive Power

A <<Spike Brothers>> Deck that fights by utilizing Units to activate effects when the Main Phase begins. Activate skills that activate when placed to call allies with the same name, allowing you to aim for non-stop attacks with incredible power!

Pale Moon: 宙を舞う無数の刃 Countless Blades Soaring Through The Air

A <<Pale Moon>> Deck whose ace is “Sword Magician, Sarah”! Skillfully use powerful Grade 3 Units to toy with your opponent!

Bermuda Triangle: あなたを見つめる二つの瞳 The Two Eyes Staring At You

A <<Bermuda Triangle>> Deck featuring “Duo Temptation, Reit” as its ace. Call Duo members placed in the Bind Zone to create an enchanting stage!

Aqua Force: 正義を掲げる轟く波紋 Roaring Ripples of Justice

An <<Aqua Force>> Deck featuring “Thundering Ripple, Genovious” as its ace. After attacking, other “Ripple” Units can Stand again, allowing you to perform a powerful series of wave attacks!

Megacolony: 覇道を突き進む悪の帝王 An Evil Emperor That Pushes Forth On The Path of Conquest

A <<Megacolony>> Deck that reduces the opponent’s combat potential by forcibly calling cards from your opponent’s hand. By assembling Grade 3 “Girafa” in the Sou, aim for continuous attacks with your Vanguard!

Angel Feather: 羽ばたけ、新たなエリアへ! Spread Your Wings And Take Flight To A New Area!

An <<Angel Feather>> Deck whose ace is “Circular Saw, Kiriel”. By gathering Protect II on your field, fight by strengthening your offense and defense!

Shadow Paladin: 彼方より現れし幻獣 The Mythical Phantom Beast From Beyond

A “Revenger” <<Shadow Paladin>> whose ace card is “Revenger, Draguler Phantom”. Massively assemble Force, grant your Rear-guards additional attacks, deal direct damage, allowing you to construct a super aggro Deck!

Gold Paladin: 捻じれ狂った英雄譚 A Twisted Crazy Tale of Heroism

A <<Gold Paladin>> Deck whose ace is “Spectral Dupe Dragon “Яeverse””. Power up your Vanguard to the max by using it in tandem with “Spectral Duke Dragon”, and aim for 3 attacks with your Vanguard!

Nubatama: もうひとりの妖魔忍竜 The Other Evil Stealth Dragon

A <<Nubatama>> Deck with “Evil Stealth Dragon, Magoroku “Fugen”” as its ace. Let’s use tactics not only for protecting “Evil Decoy Token” but also to attack!

Tachikaze: 頂点に君臨する絶望強者 The Warrior of Despair Who Reigns At The Apex

A <<Tachikaze>> Deck that fights primarily with “Ancient Dragon” Decks. The Deck’s tactics of utilizing Front Triggers have been supercharged! Fight using the skills of existing “Ancient Dragon” cards!

Nova Grappler: 目醒めし獣 The Awakened Beast

A “Beast Deity” <<Nova Grappler>> Deck with “Strongest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Extreme” as its ace. At full throttle, this Deck’s “Beast Deity” Unit can all stand at once, allowing you to aim for victory in a single strike with continuous attacks!

Link Joker: 無限∞ЯEBIRTH Infinite∞ЯEBIRTH

A “Star-vader” Deck that utilizes existing “Яeverse” Units. Lock opponent Rear-guards one after another, to push your opponent further and further into a corner.

Dark Irregulars: 魔界を統べる神 The God That Controls The Otherworld

A <<Dark Irregulars>> Deck with a brand new acem “Demon Marquis, Amon “Яeverse”.
The more Soul you accumulate, the stronger your Units’ skills get, and the more you’ll be able to viciously turn things around!

Gear Chronicle: 時を超えて未来を繋げ Connecting To The Future Beyond Time

A <<Gear Chronicle>> Deck that fights using the skills of “Steam Maiden” Units.
By gathering Steam Maiden Units, you can strength their Defensive Abilities, making it solid offensively and defensively, with high level tactics.

Granblue: 大海原を駆け巡る海賊団 Pirates Sailing Across The Open Ocean

A <<Granblue>> Deck that fights with “Seven Seas” Deck.
Obtain “Treasure Markers” by attacking your opponent, and use those “Treasure Markers” to revive the spirits of the dead to attack even more.

Great Nature: ジャングルの闇の王者 Dark King of the Jungle

A <<Great Nature>> Deck whose ace is “School Punisher, Leo-pald “Яeverse””.
By super charging your allies to the limit with “Lottery” Effects, bare their fangs at your foes!

Neo Nectar: 大空を舞う大輪の花 Great Flower Dancing Through The Open Sky

A <<Neo Nectar>> whose ace is “Grajiorl Dragon”.
With powered-up Plant Tokens that can expand your plays while fighting offensively and defensively in a balanced manner!

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