[Deck Links] Festival and P Clan Collection 2022 Decks

New Decks for the packs from the yearly convention!

大鎌を携えた六面体の兵器 The Hexahedral Weapon That Carries A Scythe

A <<Brandt Gate>> Deck that fights chiefly with Set Orders.
Just as always, let’s dye the world in black, and unveil the abyss of the cosmos!

異形たちを率いる幽霊船の船長 The Captain of the Ghost Ship Regrain Who Leads The Grotesque

A <<Stoicheia>> Deck that fights chiefly with Order Cards.
Just as always, this Deck uses [Alchemagic] to turn 2 Order Cards into 1, and by using a ton of Orders based on the situation, you’ll be able to plunge your opponent into the depths of the dark and gloomy abyss!

散華し猛炎を宿す双剣 The Twin Swords That Carrying A Raging Inferno

A <<Shadow Paladin>> Deck centered around “Dragheart Luard” that fights primarily with Grade 1 Units.
By using the Grade 1 Units you deploy to Retire your opponent’s Rear-guards, you can continuously attack, and for all sorts of plays!

窮極の拳-連拳無双- The Ultimate Fist – Renken Musou

A <<Nova Grappler>> Deck centered around “Beast Deity” that continuously attacks with the Vanguard.
The Vanguard attacks continuously by having your Rear-guards Rest to have it Stand!
Aim for combos with various cards!

永遠に咲き誇る高貴の姫君 The Noble Princess In Eternal Bloom

A <<Neo Nectar>> Deck that fights by aiming for continuous attacks with Grade 3 Rear-guards.
By amassing Rear-guards with the same name in the front row, increase their Power and attack multiple times!

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