[COTD] [D-BT02] Vairina Elgar & Dragonic Overlord

Two SP arts for Dragon Empire.

D-BT02/002 RRR 2021 ヴェルリーナ・エルガー Vairina Elgar
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Talisman
Power 10000
Shield 5000
[overDress]-“Trickstar” (You may place it by stacking it on the specified unit instead of normal calling it to (RC))
[AUTO](Hand):At the end of the battle your “Trickstar” attacked a vanguard, if your vanguard is “Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon, Nirvana“, COST [Soul Blast (2)], [overDress] this card on your “Trickstar” on (RC) as [Stand], and Counter Charge (1).
[CONT](RC/GC):If this unit is in the [overDress] state, this unit gets [Power]+10000/[Shield]+10000. (Active on opponent’s turn too)

D-BT02/001 RRR 2021 ドラゴニック・オーバーロード Dragonic Overlord
Grade 3 / Normal Unit – Encounter / Dragon Empire – Kagero – Flame Dragon
Power 13000
Persona Ride
[CONT](VC/RC):During the battle this unit attacked a rear-guard, your opponent cannot call cards from their hand to (GC).
[AUTO](VC)[1/Turn]:When this unit’s attack hits, COST [Counter Blast (1) & discard a card from your hand], [Stand] this unit, and it gets drive -1 until end of turn.


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