[D-TB06] Official Deck Summaries

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“Calamity-warding “Fishery God”, Ebisu”

An “Ebisu” Deck that fights by calling allies forth from the Monster BOX.
This Deck uses the Skill of “Kicho” to drain the opponent Vanguard of Power, and then uses Ebisu and Polaris’ skills to unleash a flurry of non-stop attacks!

“Tenkagoken Born in Flames True Strike, Onimaru Kunitsuna”

A “Onimaru Kunitsuna” Deck that amasses “Tenkagoken” in the Soukl.
First, you prepare by building up “Tenkagoken” in the Soul to activate the skill of “Onimaru Kunitsuna”!
If the attack of a “Tenkagoken” hits, you can place a “Tenkagoken” from the Drop into the Soul!
Build up Soul so you can attack with everyone, to raise the Power and Drive of “Onimaru Kunitsuna”, to instantly end the fight with a single attack!

“Neo: Reverse Mode”

A “Neo” Deck that fights by Calling Allies from the Drop.
First, assemble powerful cards on your field, such as “Basara” and “Phantom Thief, Arsene”.
By using its Skill top retire the opponent’s Guardians to make Vanguard attacks easier to hit with, you can use your allies to deal a ton of damage!

“Vessel of Renewed Hopes, Binah”

A “Binah” Deck that fights by supercharging “Guardians of Heaven”.
This Deck fights by bringing out “Guardians of Heaven” allies!
Allies Called by “Binah” and her skill get buffed! Aim to attack by combining that with the skill of “Raphael”!

“Highway to Hell, Uriel”

A “Uriel” Deck powered up by the second “Monster Strike” Title Booster.
Utilize both “Uriel”, swapping between the Heavenly and Hellish Uriels to aim for victory with powerful combo attacks.

“World Shaker, Unfair”

An “Unfair” Deck that fights by filling up the opponent’s Bind Zone. First use your Rear-guards to amass cards in the opponent’s Bind Zone. By filling up the Bind Zone, you’ll be able to strengthen your “Unfair” Vanguard!
By building up the “Bind Zone”, you can Superior Ride the “Golden Egg” from the Soul via Unfair’s Skill, and then deal massive damage at once with your powered up “Golden Egg”!

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