[D-SS01] Start Deck Reprints

Reprints from all the start decks to be included in the Festival Collection!

Revealed previously on stream last night was the list for D-SD01:

D-SD01/001 Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon, Nirvana (SP only)
D-SD01/002 Blaze Maiden, Reiyu (RRR/SP)
D-SD01/003 Blaze Maiden, Rino (RRR/SP)
D-SD01/004 Sunrise Egg (RRR/SP)
D-SD01/006 Vairina (RRR)
D-SD01/009 Trickstar (RRR)
D-SD01/011 Blaze Maiden, Zonne (RRR/SP)
D-SD01/012 Blaze Staff Monk, Cho Kuu Sha (RRR)
D-SD01/013 Blaze Fist Monk, Nikko (RRR)
D-SD01/014 Blaze Maiden, Rona (RRR/SP)

D-SD02/001 Diabolos, “Violence” Bruce (SP only)
D-SD02/002 Diabolos, “Anger” Richard (RRR/SP)
D-SD02/003 Diabolos, “Bad” Steve (RRR/SP)
D-SD02/004 Diabolos, “Innocent” Matt (RRR/SP)
D-SD02/005 Time Fissuring Fist Colossus (RRR)
D-SD02/008 Acrobat Presenter (RRR)
D-SD02/011 Diabolos Girls, Maimai (RRR/SP)
D-SD02/012 Diabolos Boys, Jake (RRR)
D-SD02/013 Diabolos Officer, Gillian (RRR)
D-SD02/014 Diabolos Girls, Arianna (RRR/SP)

D-SD03/001 Apex Ruler, Bastion (SP only)
D-SD03/002 Knight of Heavenly Spear, Rooks (RRR/SP)
D-SD03/003 Knight of Heavenly Sword, Fort (RRR/SP)
D-SD03/004 Knight of Heavenly Bows, Base (RRR/SP)
D-SD03/006 Knight of Broadaxe, Rafluke (RRR)
D-SD03/011 Knight of Heavenly Hammer, Gurgant (RRR/SP)
D-SD03/012 Knight of Heavenly Pierce, Gallus (RRR)
D-SD03/013 Knight of Heavenly Rend, Lif (RRR)
D-SD03/014 Healer of Heavenly Staff, Arshes (RRR/SP)
D-SD03/015 The Hour of Holy Judgement Cometh (RRR)

D-SD04/001 Sylvan Horned Beast King, Magnolia (SP only)
D-SD04/002 Sylvan Horned Beast, Lattice (RRR/SP)
D-SD04/003 Sylvan Horned Beast, Charis (RRR/SP)
D-SD04/004 Sylvan Horned Beast, Lotte (RRR/SP)
D-SD04/006 Sylvan Horned Beast, Dooger (RRR)
D-SD04/008 Knight of Friendship, Cyrus (RRR)
D-SD04/011 Sylvan Horned Beast, Jackalope (RRR/SP)
D-SD04/012 Sylvan Horned Beast, Polatter (RRR)
D-SD04/013 Sylvan Horned Beast, Valin (RRR)
D-SD04/014 Sylvan Horned Beast, Zlatorog (RRR/SP)

D-SD05/001 Aurora Battle Princess, Seraph Snow (SP only)
D-SD05/002 Aurora Battle Princess, Risatt Pink (RRR/SP)
D-SD05/003 Aurora Battle Princess, Kyanite Blue (RRR/SP)
D-SD05/004 Aurora Battle Princess, Ruby Red (RRR/SP)
D-SD05/008 Autonomic Caution (RRR)
D-SD05/011 Aurora Battle Princess, Lourus Yellow (RRR/SP)
D-SD05/012 Aurora Battle Princess, Amy Orange (RRR)
D-SD05/013 Aurora Battle Princess, Fronte Rose (RRR)
D-SD05/014 Aurora Battle Princess, Treuse Green (RRR/SP)
D-SD05/015 Galaxy Central Prison, Galactolus (RRR)


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