[D-LBT02] Official Deck Recipes

Astesice, Powerful and Friends!

輝きを放つ少女たちの歌声 Song of the Shining Girls

An “Astesice” Deck with a wide range of tactics to call their friends from the hand during battle.
After allies return to the hand, you can recall friends from the hand, attack with 4 consecutive attacks from Rear-guards and your Vanguard’s Triple Drive!

Ride Line:
4 Astesice, Kairi (Grade 3)
4 Astesice, Kiyora (Grade 2)
1 Astesice, Nanami (Grade 1)
1 Astesice, Mion (Grade 0)

Grade 4:
4 Astesice×Live, Kairi

Grade 3:
4 Bashful Striver, Kinkee

Grade 1:
4 Beware of Overeating! Eileen
4 Next Step, Laplume
4 Unconcealable Impatience, Cardia
4 Diva of Refreshing Calm, Christine (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
3 Astesice, Misa (Critical Trigger)
4 Transparent Snowy Night, Beretoi (Draw Triggers)
4 Snowskip, Parvi (Front Trigger)
4 Astesice, Kanami (Heal Trigger)
1 Mysterious Twins, Romia & Rumia (Over Trigger)

全力で美しいレディー A Powerful Beautiful Lady

A “Herminia” Deck that utilizes Powerful when you have no cards in your Soul and no face-up cards in the Damage Zone.
“Powerful” cards, when you have no cards in the Soul or face-up in the Damage Zone, can activate an array of powerful abilities!
It’s a Deck recommended for Intermediate to Advanced Players who would like to fight by adjusting Costs!

Ride Line:
4 Coming Beauty, Herminia (Grade 3)
1 Attract Peach, Ertines
4 Sniping Eyeful, Leranje
1 Cutie Topic, Rabeena

Grade 3:
4 Bathing Fountain, Telues
4 Serious Eyes, Liliana

Grade 2:
2 Myamya Ensemble, Nara

Grade 1:
4 Beware of Overeating! Eileen
4 Flapping Tone, Signe
4 Musical Committee, Nicolene (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4 With Wings Flying in the Blue Skies, Antia (Critical Trigger)
4 Surreal Voice, Hilberta (Critical Trigger)
3 Transparent Snowy Night, Beretoi (Draw Trgger)
4 Tranquility Diva, Hortense (Heal Trigger)
1 Greatest Star, Esteranza (Over Trigger)

わたしの、最っ高の友達 My Best Friends Forever

A “Fortia” Deck that shows incredible power born from the power of friendship from friends getting together.
By calling Rear-guards with the Friend ability and by assembling five or more friends, you can unleash your Vanguard’s powerful skills!
This is a Beginner to Intermediate Deck that fights together with friends!

Ride Line:
4 MiMish, Fortia (Grade 3)
1 MiMish, Rikashenna (Grade 2)
1 MiMish, Azhachir (Grade 1)
1 MiMish, Tubbylila (Grade 0)

Grade 3:
4 Senior’s Margin, Altariel

Grade 2:
4 Hoppin’Stellar, Melty
4 Cheshire Smile, Larisa

Grade 1:
4 After School as Always, Yulia
4 Earnest Look, Ivetta
4 Soapy Splash, Riviena (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4 Precious Tune, Edwige (Critical Trigger)
4 Surreal Voice, Hilberta (Critical Trigger)
3 Transparent Snowy Night, Beretoi (Draw Trigger)
4 Hot Relaxing, Fabiola (Heal Trigger)
1 Fantastic Fur-nale, Catrina (Over Trigger)

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