[D-BT09] Official Deck Recipes

Start continuing down the moment to absolute destruction!

[DRAGON EMPIRE] The beginning of the END

A <<Dragon Empire>> Deck that uses “Griphogila” who can be used with any Nation. By choosing “Griphosid” as your First Vanguard and including your Over Trigger in your Ride Deck, you can activate your Over Trigger by the sixth turn. By using Dragon Empire, you can use the additional effect of “Dragveda” to Stand the Vanguard, which combined with the Rear-guards available to Dragon Empire, you can attack a grand total of 8 times! Crush your opponent with a continuous flurry of attacks!

1x Looming Demise (V)
1x Minacious Metamorphosis (V)
1x The Start of the End (V)
1x Griphosid (V)
1x Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda (Over) (V)

4x Dragontree of Ecliptic Decimation, Griphogila

4x Vairina Esperaridea

4x Dragontree Wretch, Draco Batical
4x Sparkle Reject Dragon (Sentinel)
2x Blaze Pole Monk, Retsuji
4x Blaze Maiden, Ximena
4x Stealth Dragon, Fushimachi Madoka
4x Twin Strike of Dust Storm, Orlando

4x Burning Flail Dragon (Critical)
3x Flare Veil Dragon (Draw)
4x Blaze Maiden, Parama (Front)
4x Blaze Maiden, Reony (Heal)

[DARK STATES] 星を統べる麗しき幻獣 The Beautiful Mythical Beast That Rules The Stars

A <<Dark States>> Deck that fights by assembling Trigger Units in the Soul.
By assembling 3 Critical Triggers in the Bind Zone, you’ll gain 2 Criticals while shattering the opponent’s board, while using Triple Drive for attacks that deal enormous damage in a single stroke!

4x Almajestar, Astroea=Unica (V)
1x Almajestar, Turan=Dyna (V)
1x Almajestar, Schwart=Sparda (V)
1x Almajestar, Pypis=Mulchie (V)

3x Heat Haze Acrobat, Miroslava

4x Kitz Peak Griffin
4x Clean-sweep Dragon

4x Airam Capricornus
3x Inhale Pit
3x Repelled Malice Dragon (Sentinel)
4x Steam Battler, Gungnram

4x Stem Deviate Dragon (Critical)
4x Connected Rampage, Clenn (Critical)
3x Rouse Wildmaster, Riley (Draw)
4x Direful Doll, Alexandra (Heal)
1x Hades Dragon Deity of Resentment, Gallmageheld (Over)

1x Gratias Gradale
1x Elementaria Sanctitude (Sentinel)

[DARK STATES] チーム・ディアブロスの栄冠 Team Diabolos’ Laurels

A <<Dark States>> Deck that aims for Final Rush with a wider range of tactics!
By using “Diabolos “Vimance” Bruce” on the third turn onwards, you can enter Final Rush!
Use the existing Diabolos along with this new support with Final Rush to achieve victory with tyrannical beating blows!

4x Diabolos, “Viamance” Bruce (V)
1x Diabolos, “Anger” Richard (V)
1x Diabolos, “Bad” Steve (V)
1x Diabolos, “Innocent” Matt (V)

3x Diabolos Striker, Greg

4x Diabolos Knuckler, Jamil
4x Diabolos Madonna, Meagan
3x Diabolos Jetbacker, Lenard

4x Diabolos Madonna, Meryl
3x Repelled Malice Dragon (Sentinel)
4x Diabolos Madonna, Mabel

4x Diabolos Girls, Maimai (Critical)
4x Connected Rampage, Clenn (Critical)
3x Diabolos Girls, Natalia (Front)
4x Diabolos Girls, Arianna (Heal)
1x Hades Dragon Deity of Resentment, Gallmageheld (Over)

1x Gratias Gradale
1x Elementaria Sanctitude (Sentinel)

[BRANDT GATE] 空を裂き悪を滅する青き死神 The Blue Grim Reapers Who Split The Skies And Reap Evil

A <<Brandt Gate>> Deck that fights by utilizing various Strategy Orders.
Use different Strategy Orders based on the situation, and shoot down your opponent using continuous attacks from “Avantgarda”!

4x Blue Deathster, “Skyrender” Avantgarda (V)
1x Blue Deathster, “Heavenly Death Ray” Stelvane (V)
1x Blue Deathster, “Dark Verdict” Findanis (V)
1x Blue Deathster, Sora Period (V)

4x Operate Master, Freiheit
3x Enlightened Age Dragon
4x Combine Rusher

3x Planet Wall Dragon (Sentinel)
4x Rough Trample Monster, Megagrago
2x Detonation Monster, Bobalmine

4x Patrol Robo, Dekarcop (Critical)
3x Star Aggression Dragon (Critical)
4x Ameliorate Connector (Draw)
4x Alterate Sphere Dragon (Heal)
1x Star Dragon Deity of Infinitude, Eldobreath (Over)

1x Elementaria Sanctitude (Sentinel)
4x Shock Strategy: Death Winds
1x Bomber Strategy: Dusting
1x Disruption Strategy: Killshroud

[STOICHEIA] 大地に咲く高貴の薔薇 The Noble Rose That Blooms From The Earth

A <<Stoicheia>> Deck that fights with Plant Tokens. Using “Granfia”‘s Skill to cause a Noble Rose to bloom, you can build up a Plant Gauge to grow a powerful Noble Rose!

4x Lavien Lord, Granfia (V)
1x Genius Wise Wolf, Granfia (V)
1x Future Suzerain, Granfia (V)
1x Kind Lordling, Granfia (V)

4x Roaming Prison Dragon

4x Ranran Orangerine

4x Farmin’ Pumpkin
4x Burrow Mushrooms

3x Custodial Dragon (Sentinel)
4x Aspiring Maiden, Alana (Critical)
4x Dual Pressure Dragon (Critical)
3x Frenzied Heiress (Front)
4x Rythimica Kiwi (Heal)
1x Source Dragon Deity of Blessings, Blessfavor (Over)

4x Prolific Oranges
1x Gratias Gradale
2x Tearful Malice
1x Elementaria Sanctitude (Sentinel)

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