[D-BT02] Official Sample Deck Recipes

Nirvana, Dragonic Overlord and Phantom Blaster Dragon Decks!

天を穿つ竜の鉤爪 Talon of the Dragon Who Pierces The Heavens

A <<Dragon Empire>> Deck which expands the range of its tactics using [overDress].
Evolve “Trickstar” into new [overDress] Units during the Battle Phase, and completely throw off your opponent’s calculations crazy with unexpected attacks!

Ride Line:
4 Chakrabarthi Divine Dragon, Nirvana (Grade 3)
1 Blaze Maiden, Reiyu (Grade 2)
1 Blaze Maiden, Rino (Grade 1)
1 Sunrise Egg (Grade 0)

Grade 3:
3 Vairina Valiente
2 Blaze Fist Monk, Damari

Grade 2:
4 Vairina Erger
4 Vairina Arcs
2 Vairina

Grade 1:
4 Blaze Maiden, Mirin
4 Twin Buckler Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4 Tricksta
4 Blaze Maiden, Zonne (Critical Trigger)
4 Conduct Spark Dragon (Critical Trigger)
3 Blaze Maiden, Parama (Front Trigger)
4 Blaze Maiden, Rona (Heal Trigger)
1 Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda (Over)

邂逅“The Overlord” Encounter: “The Overlord”

The legendary Unit “Dragonic Overlord” appears in Standard Format! This Deck’s nation is <<Dragon Empire>>.
Its skill that lets the Vanguard Stand is, of course, alive and well. Settle the fight quickly with two powerful attacks from your Vanguard!

Ride Line:
4 Dragonic Overlord (Grade 3)
4 Dragon Knight, Nehalem (Grade 2)
4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr (Grade 1)
1 Lizard Runner, Undeux (Grade 0)

Grade 2:
4 Berserk Dragon
4 Stealth Rogue of Iron Blade, Oshikuni

Grade 1:
1 Dragon Monk, Gojo
4 Stealth Dragon, Togachirashi
4 Stealth Dragon, Tensha Stead
4 Twin Buckler Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
3 Blaze Maiden, Zonne (Critical)
4 Conduct Spark Dragon (Critical)
4 Rushing Dragon, Steel Dilopho (Draw)
4 White Light Dragon, Parasolace (Heal)
1 Dragon Deity King of Resurgence, Dragveda (Over)

邂逅“The Phantom” Encounter: “The Phantom”

The legendary Unit “Phantom Blaster Overlord” appears in Standard Format! This Deck’s Nation is <<Keter Sanctuary>>.
By destroying your opponent’s Units by sacrificing your own allies, then seize victory with a single brutal strike by your Vanguard!

Ride Line:
4 Phantom Blaster Dragon
4 Blaster Dark
1 Blaster Javelin
1 Fullbau

Grade 3:
4 Knight of War Damage, Fosado

Grade 2:
4 Darkness Maiden, Macha
4 Knight of Heavenly Collapse, Capaldo

Grade 1:
4 Witch of Entertainment, Brana
4 Black Sage, Charon
4 Aegismare Dragon (Sentinel)

Grade 0:
4 Knight of Heavenly Hammer, Gurgant (Critical)
4 White Fang Witch, Disma (Critical)
3 Exalting Knight, Eafred (Draw)
4 Circuling Sorceress (Heal)
1 Light Dragon Deity of Honors, Amartinoa (Over)

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