[COTD] November 11th, 2016

A new Neo Nectar support card is introduced!


Conquesting Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher “VMAX”
Storm of Lament, Wailing Thavas


G-CHB01/040 R アマリリスの銃士 タチアナ Amaryllis Musketeer, Titania
“いつか私も、強く咲いてみせます!(I shall bloom fiercely, in due time!)
Grade 1 / Zoo – Neo Nectar – Bioroid
Power 7000
Shield 5000
Auto (RC) GB1: [Retire this Unit] When yur Ride Phase begins, if you have a Vanguard with “Musketeer” in its card name, you can pay the cost. if you pay it, during that turn, if you would [Stride] a G Unit with “Musketeer” in its card name, you can [Stride] without paying the next of your next [Stride].

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Card, we’re introducing the following:
• The two SGR Cards from the 9th Booster Pack, “Divine Dragon Caper” on sale November 11th
• The 《Neo Nectar》 Musketeer enhancing “Amaryllis Musketeer, Titania” from the Character Booster “TryThree NEXT” (on sale December 9th)

Today the Booster Pack “Divine Dragon Caper” and the Trial Deck “Ritual of Dragon Sorcery” go on sale!! It’s the first Booster Pack for the new animated series “Cardfight!! Vanguard G NEXT” which just started, and is full of a ton of great contents. Not only does it strengthen existing Units, but it’s also the debut of the “Luard” Deck focused on the new 《Shadow Paladin》 clan ability 【Ritual】, used by Shoji Kazuma. As well it also contains cards that further power up 《Gear Chronicle》’s 〈Zodiac Time Beast〉 & “Demiurge” Decks! Use this chance to make ecks you’re not used to! Besides, check it out since there’s all sorts of clans included!

The SGR Cards for “Divine Dragon Caper” are two different kinds:
• “Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher “VMAX””
• “Storm of Lament, Wailing Thavas”

If you get them, you’d be super lucky! And also, “Divine Dragon Caper” also contains the “SP Clan Packs” which contain a guaranteed group of 5 cards from the same clan that come in especially luxurious foil!! There’s packs for the following four clans, so be sure to check them out!
• 《Shadow Paladin》
• 《Narukami》
• 《Spike Brothers》
• 《Aqua Force》

“TryThree NEXT” includes “Amaryllis Musketeer, Titania”, a Unit that supports Stride from the Rear-guard. When your Ride Phase begins, if you are about to Stride a “Musketeer” G Unit, this Unit is Retired,allowing you to Stride without a Cost. It’s quite strong if you combine it with a powerful trump card like “White Lily Musketeer Captain, Cecilia”. “TryThree NEXT” also includes a “Musketeer” G Unit, so be sure you don’t miss the information in the future!

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