[COTD] [G-TD15] Close Rip Gleam, Lady Healer

A new semi-generic G Guardian for Link Joker appears, that shows her full power with Messiah Decks.

G-TD15/002 綻びを閉じる光 レディヒーラー Close Rip Gleam, Lady Healer
“もう二度と、壊させない。(I won’t let you get hurt again.)”
Grade 4 / G Unit – G Guardian /
Shield 15000
[G Guardian]
AUTO: [Soul Blast 1] When this card is placed on (GC), if there’s a Locked card, you can pay the cost. If you do, this Unit gains Shield+5000. And, if your Vanguard is 〈Messiah〉, this Unit gains Shield+5000.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Cards, we’re introducing a card from the Trial Deck “Genesis Dragon of Rebirth” (on sale October 20th, 2017): The 《Link Joker》 G Guardian, “Close Rip Gleam, Lady Healer”.

“Glose Rip Gleam, Lady Healer” is a G Guardian who gains more and more Shield. When it’s placed on the Guardian Circle, if there’s a 【Lock】ed card on either player’s field, you can Soul Blast 1 card to have it gain Shield+5000, and if your Vanguard is a 〈Messiah〉, this card gains an additional Shield+5000! That means it can have a max Shield of 25000. You can also use it in a 『Star-vader』 Deck to gain a 20000 Shield, but regardless of what Deck you put it in, you can trust it to be a handy card. So put this G Guardian in your 《Link Joker》 Deck to make it stronger!

We’ll be introducing more cards from “Genesis Dragon of Rebirth” and “Rondeau of Chaos & Salvation”! Please look forward to future updates of “Today’s Card”!

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