[COTD] [G-EB03] Meteokaiser, Dogantitan

Even Nova Grapplers can learn new tricks

G-EB03/024 R メテオカイザー ドガンティタン Meteokaiser, Dogantitan
目の前の困難は力づくでねじ伏せる。(The problem that lay before you is forcing yourself to regain your strength.)”
Grade 4 / G-Guardian / Star Gate – Nova Grappler – Battleroid
Shield 15000
CONT (GC) If you have less rear guards than your opponent, this unit gets Shield+10000.
ACT (G-Zone) [Soul Blast 1 and Turn this face-up card, face-down] Choose a card in your circle or damage zone, and turn it face-up.

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