[COTD] [G-CB06] Gravitate Turtle

A new defensive Unit for Link Joker appears.

SGRカード2種 2 SGR Cards

  • Evil-eye Hades Emperor, Shiranui “Mukuro”
  • Dragstrider, Luard

G-CB06/034 C グラヴィテート・タートル Gravitate Turtle
“その衝撃は衛星兵器の直撃にも耐える。(It can withstand attacks from even the direct hits of orbital weapons.)”
Grade 1 N/ Normal Unit / Star Gate – Link Joker – Cyber Beast
Power 7000
Shield 5000
CONT (RC) GB1: If your opponent has a Locked card, this Unit gains “Intercept” and “CONT (RC): This card can Intercept from the back row.”.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Card, we’re introducing the following cards:

The to SGR Cards from “Dragon King’s Awakening” (on sale August 25th, 2017)

The 《Link Joker》 “Gravitate Turtle” from the 6th Clan Booster “Rondeau of Chaos & Salvation” (on sale October 20th, 2017)

Tpoday, “Dragon King’s Awakening” finally goes on sale. It’s a full force product that contains powerful cards for 《Nubatama》, 《Shadow Paladin》, 《Oracle Think Tank》, 《Gear Chronicle》, 《Narukami》, and 《Neo Nectar》, while the Generation Rares are super powerful ace cards 《Shadow Paladin》 and 《Nubatama》! Since SGR Cards are extremely rare and have very beautiful foiling, if you get your hands on them, be sure to add these card to your Decks! When building your Deck, be sure to consult the official Deck Recipes, which contain cards from “Dragon King’s Awakening”!

And to continue, “Gravitate Turtle” from “Rondeau of Chaos & Salvation”, if an opponent’s card is Locked, this card gains 『Intercept』 and 『Intercept from the Back Row』. It’s a card that works well with the “Star-vaders” who specialize in 【Lock】, meaning you can further improve your Defenses! “Rondeau of Chaos & Salvation” contains a ton of “Star-vader” ace cards, so look forward to future information!

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