[COTD] [G-CB06] Genesis Machine Deity, Desthagen

A new G Guardian for Link Joker appears with a so-so ability.

G-CB06/018 R 創世機神 デストハーゲン Genesis Machine Deity, Desthagen
“辛苦の中に、可能性は眠る。(Possibilities sleep inside hardship.)”
Grade 4 / G Unit – G Guardian / Star Gate – Link Joker – Cyber Golem
Shield 15000
[G Guardian]
AUTO: [Soul Blast 1] When this Unit is placed on (GC), if there’s 2 or more Locked cards, you can pay the cost. If you pay it draw 1 card.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Card, we’re introducing a card from the 6th Clan Booster “Rondeau of Chaos & Salvation”, the G Guardian “Genesis Machine Deity, Desthagen”.

“Genesis Machine Deity, Desthagen”, when placed on the Guardian Circle, if there’s 2 or more Locked cards in play, you can pay 1 Soul Blast to draw 1 card. In other words, if there’s Locked monsters, you can Guard without reducing your hand. Also, these cards need not be your opponent’s Locked cards, they can also be your Locked cards, so use “Death Star-vader, Demon Maxwell” in advance. If you run a 《Link Joker》 Deck, this is a G Guardian you’ll want to use.

We’ll be introducing more cards from “Rondeau of Chaos & Salvation” in future “Today’s Cards”! Please look forward to it!

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