[COTD] [G-BT12] New Support Pulsars

A new Support Card for Gear Chronicle and a new Critical Trigger appear.

G-BT12/091 C 刻獣使い ヘガルド Pulsar Tamer, Hegard
“知恵っていうのは生きている間に使うもんだぜ。(Wisdom is something you use while you’re alive.)”
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Dark Zone – Gear Chronicle – Gearoid & Zodiac Time Beast
Power 7000
Shield 5000
CONT (RC): If you have a Grade 4 Vanguard, this card gains “ACT (RC): [SB1 & Place this Unit on the bottom of the Deck] Choose 1 card from your Drop Zone, place it on the bottom of your Deck, and CC1.”.
AUTO GB1: When this Unit is placed on (RC), you can SC1.

G-BT12/093 C 刻獣 スラスター・バイソン Pulsar, Thruster Bison
“何時までも逃げ回っていれば済むと思うな。(Don’t think you can escape me forever.)”
Grade 0 / Trigger Unit – Critical Trigger / Dark Zone – Gear Chronicle – Gear Beast & Zodiac Time Beast
Power 4000
Shield 10000
ACT (RC): [Place this Unit into the Soul] Choose 1 of your Units, during that turn, it gains Power+3000.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Card, from the 12th Booster Pack “Dragon King’s Awakening” (on sale August 25th, 2017}, we’re introducing the 《Gear Chronicle》 Units, “Pulsar Tamer, Hegard” and “Pulsar, Thruster Bison”.

“Pulsar Tamer, Hegard” is a 〈Zodiac Time Beast〉 with a Deck and Cost Recovery Skill. If you have a Grade 4 Vanguard when it’s placed on an Rearguard Circle, you can Soul Blast 1 card and place this card on the bottom of your Deck to to place 1 card from your Drop Zone (Normal or Trigger Units are both fine), place it on the bottom of the Deck, and Counter Charge 1 card! Since 《Gear Chronicle》 doesn’t have many units with Counter Charge abilities, this card can be expected to serve as a precious support Unit.

And continusing, “Pulsar, Thruster Bison”, a 〈Zodiac Time Beast〉 Critical Trigger, can place itself into the Soul to grant one ally 3000 Power. By adding multiple Critical Triggers with different card names into your “Deus ex Machina, Demiurge”, you can increase the number of Triggers to place into your Deck!

We’ll be introducing more cards from “Dragon King’s Awakening” in future “Today’s Card”! Please enjoy!




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