[COTD] [G-BT12] New Ritual Support

A new G Guardian that helps get Grade 1s to the Drop Zone and a Ritual 3 monster that can wipe out an opponent column!

G-BT12/030 R 竜楯魔道士 ブロナーハ Dragwiser, Bronner
“私達の本気を、その程度で挫けると思わないで。(Don’t think you can get past our determination with that little effort.)”
Grade 4 / G Unit – G Guardian / United Sanctuary – Shadow Paladin – Elf
Shield 15000
[G Guardian]
AUTO: When this card is placed on (GC), reveal the top 5 cards of your Deck, Call all Grade 1 cards among them to (GC), and place the remaining cards on the bottom of your Deck in any order you desire.

G-BT12/032 R 一掃の梟匠 セスリーン Sweep Owlner, Sethlane
“立つ鳥後を濁さずってね!(Birds taking flight, don’t leave a bad impression!)”
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Shadow Paladin – Human
Power 9000
Shield 5000
AUTO (RC) Ritual 3: [CB1 & Choose 1 of your other Rear-guards, Retire it] When your turn ends, you can pay the cost. If you do, Retire all of your opponent’s Rear-guards in the same column as this Unit.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Card, from the 12th Booster “Dragon King’s Awakening” (on sale August 25th, 2017): The 《Shadow Paladin》 【Ritual】 support cards, “Dragwiser, Bronner” and “Sweep Owlner, Sethlane”.

“Dragwiser, Bronner” is a G Guardian with a Quintet Wall esque Skill.
When this card enters the field, you can reveal the top 5 cards of your Deck, then Call all Grade 1 cards among them to the Guardian Circle, then place the remaining cards on the bottom of the Deck in any order. From there, you can place Grade 1 cards to the Drop Zone, allowing you to fulfill the conditions of 《Shadow Paladin》’s clan ability 【Ritual. Also, since this ability has no activation cost, you can get a max Shield of 40000 (If all of the revealed cards are Grade 1) when you Guard, making it a superb G Guardian.

And, “Sweep Owlner, Sethlane” is a Grade 2 Unit with a Retire skill. When your turn ends, by retiring 1 of your ally Rear-guards, you can Retire all of your opponent Rear-guards in the same column as itself. You can’t choose the opponent Units to Retire, meaning it’s strong for Retiring Units with “Resist”! And since its activation has no Generation Break requirements, you can use it even early on! And if you Retire than “Belial Owl”, you can cancel out the demerits of Retiring with its effect! Retire your opponent’s problematic Units, and move forward with the Fight!

After today, we’ll be introducing more cards from “Dragon King’s Awakening”!
Please enjoy!

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