[COTD] [G-BT09] Dudley

The myth that started with Dudley Dan has become a legend led by a sadistic king.


G-BT09/017 RR 嗜虐王 ダッドリー・カリギュラ Sadistic King, Dudley Caligula
“オフェンス総入れ替えだ。 ギッタギタにしてやらぁ!(The entire offensive line’s been swapped out. Now I’m gonna kick your ass!)”
Grade 4 / Dark Zone – Spike Brothers – Demon
Power 15000+
Auto (VC): [Counter Blast 1 & Choose 2 cards from your hand, place them into your Soul & Choose 1 face-down “Sadistic King, Dudley Caligula”, flip it face-up] When this card attacks a Vanguard, and your Heart Card has “Dudley” in its card name, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, reveal the top 11 cards of your Deck, choose up to 3 cards with “Dudley” in their card names, Call them to different (RC) with no Units placed on them, during that turn, they gain Power+2000. Shuffle your Deck.


G-BT09/035 R ダッドリー・ターボラプラー Dudley Turbolappler
“目標地点ヲ確認。 各機、ウェポンベイヲ開放セヨ。 (Target location confirmed. All units, release weapon bays.)”
Grade 3 / Dark Zone – Spike Brothers – Workeroid
Power 11000
Auto (VC) 1/Turn Generation Break 1: During your turn’s Battle Phase, when your Unit with “Dudley” in its card name is placed on (RC), during that turn, this Unit gains Power+5000.
Auto (VC): During your turn, when your G Unit [Stride]s, choose up to 1 of your Vanguard, it gains “Auto (VC): [Soul Blast 1] When your Rear-guard with “Dudley” in its card name attacks, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, during that turn, that attacking Unit gains Power+5000, when that battle ends, place that Unit into the Soul.”.


G-BT09/078 C ダッドリー・イングラム Dudley Ingram
(It’s his policy to keep firing bullets until the game end.)”
Grade 2 / Dark Zone – Spike Brothers – Demon
Power 9000
Shield 5000
Auto (RC) Generation Beak 1: During your Battle Phase, when another of your Units with “Dudley” in its card name is placed on (RC), during that turn, this Unit gains Power+3000.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Card, we’re introducing the following cards from the 9th Booster Pack “Divine Dragon Caper” (on sale November 11th, 2016):
• The “Dudley” 《Spike Brothers》 trump card “Sadistic King, Dudley Caligula”
• The Grade 3 Stride Support Unit, “Dudley Turborappler”
• The Grade 2 Support Unit “Dudley Ingram”

“Sadistic King, Dudley Caligula”, is a G Unit with a powerful effect that lets it Call 3 Units when it attacks.
When it attacks, you reveal the top 11 cards of your Deck and Call up to 3 “Dudley” Units among them. Since you reveal 11 cards, the chances of you finding Units you’ll want to Call are fairly high. And the Units Called gain Power+2000. You’ll be able to to finish things with a series of consecutively super powerful attacks. And next we’ll be introducing “Dudley Turborappler” that supports this Unit.

“Dudley Turborappler”, like “Dudley Jessica”, is a “Dudley” Stride Bonus Unit. It has a super-powerful support skill that when a Rear-guard attacks, you can Soul Blast 1 card to have that Rear-guard gain Power+5000. If you combine it with “Great Warrior, Dudley Geronimo”, you can unleash a high-power attack from the back row. As a Soul Blast is required for the cost, you should use the effect of “Dudley Cheers, Linda” before hand, to make sure you won’t need to worry about Soul. And since all Units can gain Power, you can unleash an incredibly powerful attack.

“Dudley Ingram”, when a “Dudley” Unit appears as a Rear-guard during the Battle Phase, gains 3000 Power. It’s a card that has fantastic synergy with “Dudley Caligula” who can Call Units when it attacks. Call “Dudley Ingram” before hand, Call 3 Units to have its Power jump to 18000, which should be more than enough to ensure you hit the Vanguard with your attacks. It’s a card you can easily expect to be a fantastic attacker.

“Divine Dragon Caper” goes on sale at the end of this week (November 11th). Go get it at your neighborhood shop, add the new cards to your Deck and Fight!

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