[COTD] [D-TB03] Kau Kau Priwenpe & Mososo Kruppe

Interacting with units with ice powers.

D-TB03/037 R 2021 カウカウプリウェンペ Kau Kau Priwenpe
Grade 3 / Normal Order – Horohoro / SHAMAN KING
Play this if you have a unit with “Horohoro” in its card name!
Choose one of your opponent’s back row units, your opponent moves that unit to an open front row (RC), and if it did not move, retire that unit. Choose a Horohoro order other than “Kau Kau Priwenpe” from your drop, and you may put it into your hand. If you put a card, bind this card.

D-TB03/073 C 2021 モソソクルッペ Mososo Kruppe
Grade 3 / Normal Unit – Horohoro / SHAMAN KING
If you have a unit with “Horohoro” in its card name, play this with COST [Soul Blast 1]!
Draw a card, choose one of your opponent’s front row rear-guards, and that unit cannot Stand during the next Stand phase.


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