[COTD] [D-TB01] Izuminokami Kanesada & Horikawa Kunihiro

More battledore like effects but with a large named booster.

D-TB01/019 RR 和泉守兼定 Izuminokami Kanesada
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Touken Ranbu – Touken Danshi – Uchigatana
Power 10000
Shield 5000
[AUTO][RC]:When this unit attacks while boosted, COST [Counter Blast 1], until end of that battle, this unit gets Power+5000, and if it was boosted by “Horikawa Kunihiro“, when your opponent would call cards from their hand, they must call two or more at the same time.

D-TB01/020 RR 堀川国広 Horikawa Kunihiro
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Touken Ranbu – Touken Danshi – Wakizashi
Power 8000
Shield 5000
[AUTO][RC]:When this unit boosts a <Touken Danshi – Uchigatana>, COST [Soul Blast 1 & discard a card from your hand], draw a card, and if it boosted “Izuminokami Kanesada“, this unit gets Power+5000 until end of turn.


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