[COTD] [D-BT06] New Dark States support

A new Desire Devil and a generic soul cycler!


Term Fracture Dragon
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Dark States – Gear Dragon
10000 / 5000
AUTO (RC): When this unit’s attack hits a vanguard, you may draw a card. If you drew, choose a card from your hand, and put into your soul.
Desire Devil, Kuosgi
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Dark States – Demon
8000 / 5000
AUTO: When it is put into your soul by the effect of your vanguard named “Avaricious Demonic Dragon, Greedon”, if you have not Counter-Charge this turn, Counter-Charge (1).
AUTO (Soul): When your rear-guard is placed by your card’s ability, if your vanguard is “Avaricious Demonic Dragon, Greedon”, and your damage zone has four or more cards, the called unit gets [Power]+5000 until the end of turn.
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