Announcement Regarding A Change To “Shindo Chrono’s” Voice Actor

Basically Ishii has severe depression, and is currently undergoing treatment, so.

Announcement Regarding A Change To “Shindo Chrono’s” Voice Actor

Thank you very much for enjoying “Cardfight!! Vanguard”.

Ishii Mark, who is currently the voice actor for Shindo Chrono, will be unavailable due to mental health treatment.

In the TV anime scheduled to be broadcast in March, new audio recordings will be required because Shindo Chrono is scheduled to appear in a grown form. As a result, we inform you that the voice actor for Shindo Chrono will be replaced after discussing and consulting with our business partners.

【Before Replacement】 Shindo Chrono: Ishii Mark
【After Replacement】 Shindo Chrono: Mano Takumi

We are deeply grateful to Ishii Mark wwho has played Chrono up until now and has enlivened Vanguard due to appearing in numerous events and TV Programs, and helped support “Vanguard G” during the start of its broadcast, and we hope everyone involved can understand this change going forward.

We would like to express our sincere hopes and wishes that Mr. Ishii make a full recovery as soon as possible.


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