[Fighter’s Rules Update] Tick Tock Worker & Cat Butler

The announced Fighter’s Rules update has finally been revealed:

The following changes will be effective from the 5th of September 2016 for the Japanese card game:

Tick Tock Worker cannot be used as FVG.
Tick Tock Worker is restricted to 1.
Cat Butler is unrestricted.

This means you can not choose Tick Tock Worker as starter and you can only run him once in your main deck. Cat Butler can be ran at 4 again. These changes are not for the English card game until further notice.

The following cards are new watched:
Battle Cupid, Nociel
Steam Battler, Ur-Watar

This means Bushiroad watches their “performance” in tournaments and then decides to restrict them or not (usually not).



From Bushiroad:

Tick Tock Worker
※ By combining it with certain cards that make use of the repeat use of 【Time Leap】, you can increase the number of times you attack, such that it’s caused the strategy of 《Gear Chronicle》 Decks to be done in only one way.

It’s over used in Special G Regulation and Clan Fight games, and since we’ve judged it to have an undue influence on the metagame, we’re restricting its ability to be used as a First Vanguard along with the number of copies you can run.

Steam Battler, Ur-Watar
※ By combining it with certain cards, you may be able to use its ability multiple times in one turn, such that it may cement 《Gear Chronicle》 Decks to be played in a cemented uniform manner, so since it might affect the metagame, it’s a card we plan to keep a close eye on once those ‘certain cards’ arrive.

Battle Cupid, Nociel
※ With an ability to place cards in the Damage Zone during your opponent’s turns as well as its interactions with other cards, it can increase the hand along with the ability to raise the defensive Power of your Vanguard, so since we think it might impact the metagame, we plan to keep a close eye on this card.

Cat Butler
※ We’ve decided to unrestrict this card due to the fact “Legion” has very little bearing on the current game enviornment.



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